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See our CBILS Eligibility+ Service in action

We've built a dedicated CBILS API endpoint for lenders to embed into their workflows to streamline decision-making. The CBILS Eligibility+ Service goes beyond just a ‘yes or no’ by giving context as to why a decision has been made. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn exactly how you can use our API and Web App to get insights on CBILS-eligible companies.

See our CBILS Eligibility+ Service in action

CBILS Eligibility+ Endpoint "How to" guide

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Digital transformation is no longer a choice

Unprecedented demand from SMEs has made scaling and digitising your processes more essential than it's ever been. DueDil's API lets you inject company insights directly into your decision-making processes, giving you a clear picture on SMEs.

  • Identify the true nature of a business with real-time risk monitoring.
  • Highlight industry exposure with our proprietary Industry Keywords.
  • Build a fast and frictionless onboarding process by automating with our API.

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