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According to our survey of 6,000 professionals, finding new customers is the biggest ongoing challenge of 2015.

DueDil Advanced Search helps B2B lead generation teams to reach the right people at the right companies at the right time, in a way that fits into their existing workflow.

The Right Companies

A vast amount of previously untapped business data is now available through DueDil for B2B lead generation. It no longer needs to be time consuming or yield unreliable results.

With our Advanced Search you can use more than 40 filters to segment your leads and find the right companies.

Historical Financials

Refine and export company filings over the past 20 years to find your next customers. Banks use our data to find SMEs of certain sizes and growth indicators.

Geographical Targeting

Field sales teams use DueDil to find new company incorporations within their target locations. Need to find £100m turnover businesses within 50 miles of your office? No problem.


SIC codes don’t always provide an accurate representation of what a business does. DueDil uses a number of third-party data sources, including the largest body of business websites, to tag companies in a way that makes them easy to find.


Millions of companies can be analysed and the market opportunity sized within just a few seconds. Sales managers use this to focus their field sales teams on emerging opportunities.

Employee Numbers

DueDil works with a number of call centres who verify staffing levels, so our data is more up-to-date than that from Companies House or any other source. IT companies rely on this information to target firms of the right size for their solutions.

Financial Facets

More than 40 criteria are tracked and constantly updated, including ratios not normally stated on company accounts. Using these financial facets, local governments can identify high growth companies in their regions to offer them additional support.

Who is this for?

  • Sales managers
  • Inside sales teams
  • Origination & prospecting teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Researchers & analysts
  • B2B lead generators

Which companies use DueDil for lead generation?

The Right People

You’ve targeted the right companies, now you need to find the best people to contact.

DueDil helps inside sales teams to connect in a smart way. Here's how...

DueDil Reach

In beta: find contacts you didn’t know existed at the companies you want to target. Sync your team’s contacts to make more warm introductions.

Targeted LinkedIn Ads

DueDil Labs brings you an alternative to cold calling. We enable enterprise customers to market to decision makers within individual companies through ads on LinkedIn.

Alerts and Notifications

Follow the people or companies you care about on DueDil and see what they're up to in your personal activity feed. Never miss an opportunity to get in touch.

Telephone Numbers

In the first half of 2015, DueDil will be bringing you the most up-to-date telephone numbers for millions of businesses. This includes TPS data to help you avoid calling those who have opted-out.


We have accurate trading, branch and registered addresses for millions of UK companies. Make sure you’re knocking on the right door.

Shareholder and Director Changes

We have accurate trading, branch and registered addresses for millions of UK companies. Make sure you’re knocking on the right door.

The Right Time

Even if you have a great product, selling it at the wrong time will fall on deaf ears.

DueDil helps to find the companies that want to buy now and avoid those not ready to commit.

Daily Updates

We will provide you with the most up-to-date information, even if it is not from us. New company data is collected instantly and entered into our database every 24 hours, resulting in accurate leads and more timely contact.

Automated Lead Generation

Once you have built your perfect prospect list, we’ll update it with matching companies as they emerge. Keep an eye on your activity feed and email to discover new prospects.

Budget Notifications

Know when a company is likely to review its budgets. DueDil can help you judge the perfect time to call.


Does your business assist companies in distress? 40 different notice types will help you spot them - before their status is published in the Gazettes.

Companies House Filings

Access every private company filing over the past 20 years. More importantly, DueDil will flag new filings at Companies House, enabling you to sell to new and growing businesses.

Group Structure Changes

If a company is changing its structure it could present you with an opportunity. Get alerts by email or in your activity feed and visualise group structure on our site.

Workflow Tools

For most sales professionals, the chore of keeping CRM data fresh is too painful to contemplate. You don't want your salespeople to be data managers.

We help you append, clean and manage your CRM. Needless to say, DueDil also fits easily into the rest of your workflow.

Salesforce Connector

In beta: a direct integration between Salesforce and DueDil. Our own sales teams are currently using it and we are trialing it with a number of customers. Contact us to find out more.


Download the details of thousands of companies that match your lead profile, all ready in CSV format, to use as required.

Custom Lists

Use Advanced Search to create constantly-updated lists of potential customers. These can then be segmented according to certain criteria or allocated to territorial sales teams.

Saved Searches

Re-run queries to see if there are any new companies matching your saved criteria. Use your best-performing lists to get new business on an ongoing basis.

Data Matching and Cleansing

Append and clean your CRM with accurate data from DueDil to make sure you have up-to-date information such as director names, trading addresses and telephone numbers.

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