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Sales and marketing teams use DueDil for lead generation. Uncover new opportunities and connect them directly to Salesforce.

Create a list of prospect companies

With our Advanced Search you can use more than 40 filters to segment your leads
and find the right companies.

Advanced Financials

More than 40 criteria are tracked and constantly updated, including ratios not normally stated on company accounts. Using these financial facets, local governments can identify high growth companies in their regions to offer them additional support.


Want to understand the business activity of a region? Quickly segment companies in the UK and Ireland by location, using either postcode, town or county.


DueDil uses SIC codes and a number of third-party data sources, including the largest collection of business websites, to tag companies in a way that makes them easy to find.

Who is this for?

  • Sales managers
  • Inside sales teams
  • Origination & prospecting teams
  • Marketing teams
  • Researchers & analysts
  • B2B lead generators

Which companies use DueDil for lead generation?

Identify and contact decision-makers

Search for employees at your target companies and get warm introductions
from your team’s network.

DueDil Connect

Find contacts you didn’t know existed at the companies you want to target. Sync your team’s contacts to make more warm introductions.


The most up-to-date telephone numbers from BT (including TPS data) and trading, branch and registered addresses for millions of UK companies.

Shareholder and Director Changes

When directors at companies you’re interested in are on the move, we let you know - helping you keep track of current and future customers.

Find a reason to get in touch

Monitor your target companies for news and events that will give you the edge when you call.

Regular Updates

We will provide you with the most up-to-date information, even if it is not from us. Many of our data sources are refreshed on a daily basis, resulting in accurate leads and more timely contact.

Budget Notifications

Know when a company is likely to review its budgets. DueDil notifies you of the perfect time to call.

Group Structure Changes

If a company is changing its structure it could present you with an opportunity. Get alerts by email or in your activity feed and visualise group structure on our site.

Integrate with your tools and workflow

Keep your CRM spotless and eliminate manual data entry with DueDil's Salesforce integration,
CSV exports or our DueDil Labs data cleansing service.

Salesforce Connector

A direct integration between Salesforce and DueDil. Create new accounts or update existing ones with the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date data.


Download the details of thousands of companies that match your lead profile, all ready in CSV format, to use as required.

Data Matching and Cleansing

Append and clean your CRM with accurate data from DueDil to make sure you have up-to-date information such as director names, trading addresses and telephone numbers.

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