17 achingly beautiful Airbnb’s for business travellers

16 June 2015 Matt Owen

Business travel is changing. Oh, there’s still the opportunity to be crammed into economy while Latveria’s 4th most popular budget airline whips you to 13 straight hours of meetings, but the destinations are becoming more diverse than ever.

We looked at the most popular business travel destinations in the world and saw that there’s a big increase in long-haul travel. And long flights mean tired people, so when you arrive, why not try out one of these incredible places to stay. Carefully picked by TheBusiness staff to leave you relaxed and ready to work.

And hey, the company is picking up the tab, so we figure you deserve a little luxury…


The most popular business destination in the world has a plethora of places to stay on offer, but none come close to matching this incredible space inside the clock tower at St. Pancras station.

Amazing views, fantastic central location and hey, all yours for just £150 a night. That has to beat the CheapoInn over the road.



Maybe you’ve just flown from London and are feeling a little jet-lagged? Luckily you can act as though you never left.

Just choose to stay in the (frankly bizarre) mini-town of ‘Thames’ next time you’re in Shanghai…



Why settle for a hotel when you can pretend you’re in Duran Duran, lounging on your very own luxury yacht? This sixty-footer is located in the Sentosa neighbourhood, so it’s actually incredibly convenient for the city centre as well.



Tokyo is one of the densest, busiest cities on the planet, packed to bursting with people, traffic, lights and noise. So how about relaxing a little at the end of the day?

Factor in a ten-minute commute from Shibuya by train and spend the night communing with your inner self in this amazing treehouse-style apartment.



Toronto has a lot going for it, but it can be a little dull if you’re not looking in the right places. And the best way to look?

From this amazing penthouse. 10 foot ceilings, wrap around windows and just insanely beautiful views.


Hong Kong

A small part of your view over the famous fashion walk may be obscured by cranes, but the wooden floors, luxurious fittings, chandeliers and perfect location should make up for it. Go on; live like a celeb for a night or two.



It’s Amsterdam, which means a houseboat is the only way to stay in style. Wood burning stove, sleek interiors, quiet canal location.

Oh, and a friendly cat too. Enjoy!



Brussels has the reputation for being a little olde-worlde, so I thought you’d appreciate this modern-as-it-gets penthouse option. Sleek and stylish, with a very prestigious address (that’s perfect for getting into the office), and views that capture both sunrise and sunset.



Something old, something new. Lord it up over Zurich’s rather charming skyline in this lovely little apartment. Heavy wood and natural light make it a superb bolthole after a day at the bank.



Let’s face it; if you’re in Aus, you want a pool.

And beach views.

And a Barbie.

And hey, you can have it while still having a quick commute too. You’re welcome.



It seems rude to go to Dubai and not have a little bit of luxury. How about marble floors, silk pillows and a private entrance to the beach? Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Clear it with expenses first though…



A little French chic, a little luxury, and a very short walk to the Metro. Sounds like you’re on to un gagnant.



150 sq metres of ultra-modern luxury. Uplighting a-plenty, designer fittings, and your very own spa. What better way to relax after a hard day at the office?


New York

Pretty much anywhere you stay in the Big Apple is going to have impressive views, but man, skyscrapers are so 2006. How about mixing it up next time you’re in NYC, by staying in an incredible Clinton Hill mansion?


Sao Paulo

Speaking of impressive views…

Private glass pool, chandeliers, amazing 25th floor vistas across the city. Not a bad place to hold a client meeting or two either.



Take a break from the city noise at the end of the work day, and get the boss to sign off on this fantastic apartment located on Juhu beach. The gentle lapping of tropical waves is apparently slightly nicer than being woken by the 7:15 from Croydon barrelling past your house.



Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Get some history in during your Irish stay at this ridiculously gorgeous converted coastal defence tower.

The outside is impressive, but check out the remodelled interior, classy furnishings and peaceful roof garden overlooking the sea to be really wowed.