21 incredibly useful IFTTT recipes for business users

31 July 2015 Matt Owen

IFTTT (Short for “If This Then that”) is one of the most useful services on the web, allowing users to easily plug various apps and services together to automate tasks. The name comes from the services use of ‘recipes’. For example: If (Someone sends a tweet) THEN (I get sent an email). It’s a fast way to take some of the grunt work out of your day.

 ‘I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.’

– Bill Gates

You can create your own IFTTT recipes, but there are also lots of pre-existing, useful business-focused combinations already available.

I’ve rounded up a bunch of the best below to save you time. Click the images to head to the recipe and set it up.

Log business expenses via Launch Center Pro to spreadsheet

Image of IF tool and Google Drive

No one enjoys keeping track of expenses (claiming them, yes, but not tracking them…) so this is great to make sure you don’t lose out on that important client lunch.

Record when and where I got a business card

Google Calendar

I have a fairly terrible memory, so this is perfect to add some much needed context to my new contacts.

Remember an important business card

Evernote Logo

Likewise, if you’ve met someone particularly interesting at your latest round of networking, this recipe will add them to Evernote for you, letting you search through new contacts easily.

Whenever you add a new contact, mark it in your Google Calendar

Iphone contact and Google Calendar

Finally, you can also add a searchable time to contacts. Great for memory-jogging (and possibly alibis).

Track all business trips in Evernote

IF tool and Evernote logo

Make troublesome tasks like logging mileage a breeze, and send a reminder when it’s time to head back out.

Whenever I write a new post on Blogger, share on LinkedIn

Blogger and LinkedIn logo

Social media is one of the places IFTTT excels. Use this to get your content in front of a wider audience without needing to repost manually.

Speak notes to Evernote using Siri and iOS Reminders

IOS Reminder and Evernote logo

One for the writers out there as well as the BDAs. Create a reminders list called ‘Evernote’, ask SIRI to ‘Add Evernote reminder’. This creates an Evernote reminder which adds dictated notes to a list. No more rewinding that tape recorder for you.

Backup my contacts to a Google Spreadsheet

IOS Contacts and Google Drive logo

Because let’s face it, you’re going to lose that Filofax eventually.

Block off the next hour as “Do Not Disturb”

Google Calendar

For when you really need to get things done, make sure the rest of the world knows not to come a-knocking.

Log your work hours on Google Calendar

Location and Google Calendar logo

Particularly useful for freelancers, this recipe takes the guess work out of logging.

Mute phone at work

Location and IOS Volume logo

Don’t be ‘That guy’ (or ‘that girl’ for that matter). Keep it down during meetings. Also comes in handy when you go to the movies.

Post to slack when I arrive at work

Andriod location and Slack logo

Elvis is in the building. More importantly, your team knows who’s in the office and when.

Email a message to a Slack channel

Email and Slack logo

Likewise, if you can’t make it in, you can fire a quick message to slack from any email-enabled device. Handy when you’re on the Kindle.

Submit expenses reminder

Clock and Email logo

What do you mean you didn’t file by the 9th? Ideal if you’re forgetful, and for those times when accounts have lost your expense sheet down the back of the printer.

Save your Evernotes to your Google Drive

Evernote and Google Drive logo

Create a quick backup of all your work, and also get around any filters.

New top ten post in a subreddit? Get an email

Reddit and Email logo

Great for the content marketers among you. Keep track of what’s got Reddit all riled up today. This default recipe is set to deliver /r/Gifs top ten (because why wouldn’t you want that?), but you can change it easily to a subreddit of your choice.

Read a digest of the week’s popular Business Day articles

Times and email logo

A quick and easy way to catch up on the news during your morning commute. Again, many publications have an IFTTT integrator, so you can choose your preferred source of news.

Add photos directly to Trello

Trello logo

A fast way to keep track of progress in everyone’s favourite team deployment app.

Save your handwritten notes to OneNote

OneNote logo

I haven’t handwritten anything in about five years, so when I do take notes tey look like hieroglyphs drawn by a spider. Luckily, this exists.

Save design inspirations

Dropbox logo

Use IFTTT’s ‘DO’ camera to save any interesting designs and images straight to your dropbox for later review.

Get out of a meeting – send yourself a phone call

Telephon logo

It’s Friday, you’ve been listening to Kevin from HR outline his 800-point plan to reinvigorate the office toaster’s position for three hours… Use sparingly.