Autopopulate your webforms

09 November 2017 Cliona MoultonEbook

Reduce drop-off rates and increase data capture accuracy

Tips & Tricks series to automating your customer onboarding processes

The need to create a customer centric approach to onboarding new suppliers or customers requires accurate data and automation. Throughout this blog series, we will focus on the four ways that you and your company can improve and automate your onboarding process by adopting a customer centric approach. We will share examples of how companies, such as Paymentsense and Smart Pension, have adopted this model, to drive business growth and enable efficient decision making.

The first step in creating a customer centric approach is autopopulating your webforms. Your webforms are what determine whether the individual will complete the form and ensure that there is accurate data being integrated into your CRM or business system. Gathering the required information is often quite a lengthy and cumbersome process for the customer. It also impacts the business with 32% of salespeople, in a recent survey by Hubspot, stating that they spend an hour or more on data entry every day.

To challenge this process and embrace data automation, it is crucial to find the right data platform. In a recent DueDil data benchmarking survey, 82.8% of respondents stated that data quality is critical or very important to their department. With a variety of new account based marketing tools on the market and a focus on the customer, companies are adopting new data and automation technologies to prepopulate forms for the user, capturing accurate data. Through implementing an automated sign-up experience, it reduces the number of fields your customer must complete and ensures you are receiving accurate information into your system.

When you put the customer at the heart of your strategy there are incremental benefits removing challenges for both the customer and business.

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