Bringing International Coverage to DueDil

04 April 2017 Sam HockleyProduct

Last month at DueDil Spotlight, DueDil announced plans for the expansion of its international coverage in 2017. Today, we are excited to launch the first wave of international features, which include company profiles and search functionality for seven new European countries.

DueDil is already the largest and richest source of private company information in the UK and Ireland. With this release, our company coverage increases to 40m businesses with data spanning the following countries:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden

By the end of 2017, DueDil will have the largest coverage of business information in Europe, and will be well on the way to achieving our mission of becoming the world’s largest source of private company information.


Search across Europe

Users are now able to search for any company in these countries in full-screen search. Whether you have prospects, customers or suppliers in these countries, you will be able to access their company profile through DueDil.

DueDil is now an international platform, and aims to become the largest and richest source of European private company information by the end of the year. Rather than distinguishing between international and domestic companies, users can now search across all countries within the same product. This development is progress toward our mission of becoming the richest source of company data in the world.


Explore business relationships

Group Graphs are available for all nine countries, and have been redesigned to ensure ease of use.

It is now easy to determine the relative size of different companies within a group. Node size is proportional to each entity’s turnover or assets, depending on which is available. In addition, the colour scheme has been simplified in order to highlight ultimate parents.

The line connecting entities within a group now displays the percentage of shares owned by the parent company. This makes it possible to ascertain where the power in company relationships resides.


Ultimate parents and portfolio companies are listed for the newly covered international companies within the Ownership Tab. Users can also view directorships – both active and retired – and see the longest standing directors. This enables finance teams to conduct enhanced due diligence checks on companies and groups with a European presence.


Download complete company reports

Company Report PDFs are available for businesses in all nine countries. These reports include detailed information suitable for compliance purposes, including company ownership and credit scores.

International company reports are subject to a quota, which can be set up by your Account Manager.

These features are available now to all customers.

To find out more information, contact our Sales team at or 020 3137 8490.