Case study: How Trainline achieved 12x ROI with DueDil

25 January 2016 Sam HockleyCase studies

Today we’re looking at what Trainline has achieved through its use of DueDil, in the first in a series of customer success stories. We’ll be looking at a wide variety of companies, from industry leaders to innovative startups, in order to understand how they use and benefit from DueDil.

Trainline is the leading online retailer of train tickets in the UK, with a ticket sold every 2.5 seconds and handling transactions totalling £1.6bn each year. In order to transform its sales team into a highly focused, proactive unit, Trainline utilises DueDil to uncover new targets.

So far, Trainline has seen an increase of 23% in the first three months and has predicted a first year ROI in excess of 12x.

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