DueDil identifies the UK’s thriftiest small companies

02 June 2016 Sam HockleyResearch

A new DueDil feature called Lists allows our users to slice and dice the UK economy into any segment or group that they like – changing the way businesses act on information.

At DueDil HQ, we’ve been having fun coming up with our own Lists of interesting companies – including one of the UK’s thriftiest small companies.

On this list, we’ve identified small UK companies with a turnover of £30m-£50m, healthy balance sheets and large cash positions (between 50%-80% of their assets being held in cash).

The results are fascinating. Discounting financial asset management firms and real estate companies (which might be expected to have large cash positions), we found 156 companies sitting on large piles of money.

Well-known or notable business with lots of cash include dating site Match.Com International, White Dark – the artistic company of sculptor Anish Kapoor, and the Royal Collection Trust – the British charitable body, chaired by Prince Charles, that manages the royal collection of the UK sovereign.

Other companies include the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain, BBC Media Action – the BBC’s international development charity – and the Scottish Football Association.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having lots of cash – companies may have large cash positions for many different reasons, from saving up for acquisitions to strong company performance.

However, for some firms, having too much cash on the books may be a danger sign, as the business’s assets may not be being effectively put to use.

For us, the list is a fun and interesting way of showing the power of lists to highlight groups of companies – as well as to indicate how DueDil can be used to find niche areas within the UK economy.

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