DueDil maps business performance in central London to local Tube lines

14 December 2016 Sam HockleyResearch

Have you ever wondered how businesses in your area perform compared to other areas of London? DueDil has created a map visualising the performance of companies local to Tube lines and stations in central London.

DueDil has conducted a study into the performance of companies in central London, specifically looking into their turnover and turnover growth rates. Using this data, we have identified the top-performing Tube lines and stations in Zone 1.

London Tube Map Turnover

Bakerloo comes out on top

The study reveals that companies on the Bakerloo line represent both the highest average annual turnover and average turnover growth rate when compared to businesses adjacent to other lines.

London Tube Lines Avarage turnover table

Among stations, Waterloo has by far the highest average annual turnover. This is largely due to the close proximity of Royal Dutch Shell Group PLC and its subsidiary, Shell Trading International Limited.

High growth compared to the rest of UK

Company growth rates for companies in central London compare favourably to the rest of the UK, with the average growth across the lines standing at 18.69%. This compares favourably with the rest of the UK, which has an average of 13.64%.

Every Tube line included in the research has an average annual turnover growth rate in excess of 15%, indicating high levels of growth across central London.

London Tube percentage turnover

How we did it

The companies included in this study were required to have a reported annual turnover in excess of £5m, and have a trading address located within central London. Companies were subsequently mapped to their closest Tube station, provided this was within one kilometre.

The Waterloo & City line was excluded from the research, due to the fact it services only two stops (including Waterloo), which does not provide a representative sample relative to the other Tube lines.

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