Employee Profile: Cliona Moulton

06 June 2017 Ginni LiskPeople

In this series of employee profiles, we’re taking a look at what it’s like to work at DueDil.

Today we would like to introduce Cliona Moulton, Senior Marketing Campaigns Manager at DueDil.

What were you doing before you joined DueDil?

Before joining the DueDil team, I was on the UKI marketing team at LinkedIn. In July 2016, I decided to take some time out and went travelling across South America with a friend. This was an incredible experience! Shortly after I returned to Dublin, an old colleague of mine introduced me to DueDil, and it all started from there.


Why did you decide to join DueDil?

The three main reasons I joined DueDil had to be the people, the role and the company's vision. From day one of the interview process, I was blown away by the company’s energy and like-minded people. The people I met during the interview process were all so lovely and smart.

After researching DueDil and learning more about their vision, I really wanted to be a part of their journey. I knew they were onto something different and at this stage of their journey, I would have the opportunity to make a real impact. The role appealed to me as it was more technical than my previous role and has since enabled me to grow as a marketer.

How would you describe DueDil’s mission to somebody interested in working in our Marketing team?

The DueDil mission is to be the world’s largest source of private company information so that it can help companies find opportunities and avoid risks.

From a marketing perspective, it means that we have two main use case personas. In terms of business development, we help sales and marketing teams define their territories, adopt an ABM approach and prospect to the right people. For finance and compliance users, we help companies find, monitor and verify new suppliers or customers to ensure they’re compliant.

What do you think is unique about the DueDil culture?

At the moment, DueDil only has one office which sits in London where there are about 75 employees. I enjoy sitting close to both the sales, engineering and product teams, as you have the people building the product and the people selling the product nearby. It allows us all to work as one team, provide feedback and really see the impact we’re making for the business.

As I mentioned previously, the people are what make the culture here, and they are one of the reasons I enjoy coming to work every day. There are plenty of events and activities each quarter, free breakfast every day and on Friday’s we have free lunch.

In terms of other people joining DueDil, if you had to prioritise traits or behaviours that candidates should demonstrate, what would they be?

I would say, people need to showcase that they’re hardworking and passionate about DueDil when interviewing for roles at DueDil. At the stage DueDil is at, people need to be inspired by what we do and are trying to achieve. No matter your job level, everyone needs to be able to get stuck into a wide range of activities and go beyond your usual remit. I also think honesty, being a team-player and humour are important traits for candidates to demonstrate.

DueDil is currently hiring for a number of positions across the business – check out our Careers page to find out more.