Employee Profile: Mirit Lugassi

03 May 2016 Ginni LiskPeople

Welcome to the first in a series of posts from DueDil Talent. Over the coming months, we will be covering various topics that will provide insight into what it's like working at DueDil.

We are kicking this content off with an interview with Mirit Lugassi, a Business Development Manager at DueDil.

Why did you join DueDil?

I chose to join DueDil because I was looking for an exciting company that is in a growth stage, and somewhere that people would value my skillset and my potential. Also, the potential for market share, the untapped opportunity, all got me excited about the company’s growth prospects. This is an exciting time to join!

Now that you’re here, how you are empowered and supported to do your job?

It is very clear that all employees at DueDil are working on the basis of shared goals; we all want DueDil to be the best: from Product, to Sales and across all our support functions - that is hugely motivational. The atmosphere is totally supportive – if I want to give input to the product team or HR for an example, without fail everyone is eager to hear it.

How does that translate from a business-wide ethos, into the sales team?

DueDil empowers us as sales people. There is nothing more frustrating for a sales person than not being able to move fast enough or to effectively respond to clients’ requests. At DueDil, as long as it makes sense for the business and is additional functionality that can be replicated and translated, our product teams will support sales by building what is needed.

What makes you most excited to come to work?

The fact that I am independent. I have my own territory and I’m managing it as if it were my own business. I know what I need to do in order to smash my targets and that’s what I’m building and am responsible for.

What do you think is unique about working here, for example, compared to other places you’ve worked?

DueDil encourages you to use your common sense and be the best version of yourself you can be. The core policy is just “use your brain” - if you have to question if it’s the right thing to do, it’s probably not the right thing to do. There is a strong culture of mutual trust.

Outside of work, what’s your background and what do you do?

I have a Law and Economics background, and I worked at Thomson Reuters on finance and legal products. I then did a MBA, as I wanted to have a managerial option within my career.
Outside of work, I love dancing, I’m part of a dance group and I do hip-hop/urban dancing.

What do you wish people knew about DueDil that they might not already know?

That we are the best source for company information in the UK, and that’s soon to also be the case in Europe. When us sales people get in front of people and we show them the tool the reactions are massive; it’s the best tool they’ve seen, using the newest technology, offering the greatest source of information and the best user experience.

DueDil is currently hiring for a number of positions across the business – check out our Careers page to find out more.