Employee Profile: Ross Deane

27 June 2017 Ginni LiskPeople

In this series of employee profiles, we’re taking a look at what it’s like to work at DueDil.

Today we’re talking to Ross Deane, a Lead Developer at DueDil. Ross has been with DueDil since the very beginning, joining as the third employee, and has been a vital part of the company’s growth.

Before joining DueDil as a Developer, Ross worked in the finance team at a local government council.

Why did you decide to join DueDil?

I had always loved software development since I was young, and did a lot of freelance work in my spare time, but really wanted to make it my full-time career. I saw an advert for a developer position at DueDil on Gumtree (back when we were a team of 3!), decided to apply, and they gave me a trial!

Why should people come to work at DueDil?

Both the product and the team are awesome - you get to work on fascinating problems, hang around with smart and funny people, and really make an impact on the product, whichever department you’re a part of.

How would you describe DueDil’s vision to somebody interested in working in our Engineering team?

DueDil has big ambitions: we want to become the largest source of company information on the planet. This comes with a big set of technical challenges, and I think that’s what keeps you excited and motivated as a Software Engineer.

What motivates you to be successful?

I’ve invested a lot of time at DueDil! Having been a member of the team for nearly seven years, I’ve seen it go from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see DueDil keep growing into a household name!


What gets you out of bed in the morning every day to come to work?

We’ll often get feedback from Sales or Marketing about how we’ve made a customer’s life so much easier, or how much more effective they are at their job since we launched a new feature, and that’s really rewarding.

What do you think is unique about the DueDil culture?

The team is very cohesive - whichever department you’re in, you feel like you’re part of the larger team. We have “Tech Friday” every Friday, where everyone in the company can come and learn about some new technology or feature the engineering team has been working on, and other regular updates from all other areas of the business.

How has working at DueDil enabled you to develop in your career?

I’ve learned so much as a developer since joining DueDil that I probably couldn’t recognise code that I’d written before. My skill set has increased dramatically, and having recently started leading one of the engineering teams, I’ve got even more to learn.

How are you empowered in your daily work to make an impact, and build something meaningful?

In the engineering team we’re lucky in that we can take ownership of a new product or feature from the design stage to deployment. Most of the engineers have the ability to deploy code to the site at the press of a button (well, 3)  meaning that it gets into the hands of users straight away.

In terms of other people joining DueDil, if you had to prioritise traits or behaviours that candidates should demonstrate, what would they be?

I think that everyone that joins DueDil needs to be self-motivated and passionate about what they do. It’s not a place where you have to grind through tasks set from on high, if you have an idea about how to improve something, share it!

What do you wish people knew about DueDil that they might not know now?

How much attention to detail goes into all of the things that you see on the website. I can remember passionate discussions about what shade of blue a button should be, or whether to show a map or a street view on a company profile.

How do you define the ways in which DueDil is different to other data technology and business intelligence companies?

I think that it shows that we really pay attention to the user interface and experience, and so many of our customers tell us how much more of a joy to use DueDil is compared to tools they’ve used in the past.

DueDil is currently hiring for a number of positions across the business – check out our Careers page to find out more.