Employee Profile: Sophie Crampton Smith

11 May 2017 Ginni LiskPeople

In this series of employee profiles, we’re taking a look at what it’s like to work at DueDil, providing greater insight into the company.

Today we introduce Sophie Crampton Smith, a Sales Development Representative at DueDil.

In joining DueDil, you transitioned away from a different career path. It would be great to hear about what you were doing before you joined us in the Sales Development team.

When I finished university I was quite unsure of what I wanted to do. I decided to travel to Thailand and teach for a charity for six months. That made me realise that teaching was something I could do, and so when I came back to London, I did my PGCE and went straight into teaching.

Initially I taught in a school for children with autism, and then in a primary state school where I taught Year 4 students for two years. It was such a challenge, and really tricky at times. Although teaching is often hard work, it was always really rewarding and I learned so much about myself, my skills and what I’m capable of.

What led you to decide to make a change and explore opportunities in sales?

A number of things, really. I’m always up for learning and challenging myself and I was aware that there was so much out there, especially in London, that I wasn’t involved with, and I decided that I’d like to try something else. I wanted a work-life-balance I didn’t have – but do now – and I think lastly, I was really motivated to be in charge of my own potential; to pursue faster progression and be able to directly affect my earning potential.

Many people persist in careers they don’t find fulfilling; it’s brilliant you had the confidence to make that change. So… why sales, why FinTech and why DueDil?

I knew after doing a shed load of research that I wanted to work in Tech but I didn’t really know enough about it. I decided that the best plan would be to go to an assessment day. It was so bizarre, I went from primary school life, to being in ‘The City’! I did well at the assessment day, and had a few interviews, and it became clear that, you know, I’m alright at this! As soon as I came to DueDil, it became clear that everyone I met was very much on my level – the way they talked about DueDil was just something that I was immediately excited by. DueDil’s vision was clear; I totally got the end goal and I wanted to be part of that.

How would you describe DueDil’s vision to somebody interested in working in our Sales Development team?

I think first of all it’s important to think about where DueDil is now. The fact that DueDil is the largest source of UK & Ireland private company information is fantastic – and knowing that the aim is to be the largest source globally – is pretty awesome! When you work at DueDil and have access to our co-founders Damian and Justin, who are so passionate about our vision of creating an ‘open economy’, it’s inspiring. I enjoy what I do because I can see the impact of creating an open economy for our clients and they can too.

You’ve established yourself and are doing an amazing job in your role as Sales Development Representative. What motivates you to be successful?

Something that is really special about our team is the energy that we have – it’s contagious. Everyone in the team is fun and keen to get the job done – and do it well. That is something that motivates me every day. We not only establish really strong knowledge internally – about DueDil and sales but we also get to see the challenges people across the industry face every day when it comes to using data, from Sales Operations to Finance Directors.

Coming from a non-business world, I’m now confident picking up the phone and speaking to someone who before, I would be absolutely terrified talking to; the fact that I can identify an Asset Manager on LinkedIn and feel confident in explaining DueDil and how we can help – that’s what excites me.

How has working in the Sales Development team at DueDil helped you gain that confidence?

I love that as a team we share our knowledge and work together to learn. Each of us are so different; some of us are really good at understanding for example, our finance industry clients, some of us are very confident on the phone or creative email writers – we all know what our strengths are and work together to learn from each other, which is really cool. Working in sales at DueDil is not just following instructions and a script, we build it together.

In terms of other people joining the Sales Development team, if you had to prioritise traits or behaviours that candidates should demonstrate, what would they be?

Energy, definitely – and that’s top of the list because at the end of the day, we have a number to hit, and you have to be ready to go for it! And I would also say hunger – you have to be hungry for it. We also need people who are intelligent – not just in terms of book smarts, but social intelligence is really important; you need to have a strong sense of EQ. Lastly, I’d say we need people who are creative; we can all have a significant impact by trying different ways of doing things and testing different approaches to get the results.

And, finally…. who is Sophie?!

I’m quite an active, energetic person. I play hockey twice a week. I also love partying, music and festivals – actually going to festivals is probably my favourite thing to do in life!! I love good food, working and living in East London; because there is such a variety of restaurants and bars! I live a 15-minute walk from work, and I have so much time to enjoy living in this area. It’s great for being connected and also such a good area for being a young person building a sales career – you are close to clients and close to fun, which is important.

DueDil is currently recruiting for a number of positions in our Sales Development team – check out our Careers page to find out more. If you’ve enjoyed reading about this article, why not find hear from Willie Osborn, our Head of Sales Development, on why he loves work.