Employee Profile: Willie Osborn

28 June 2016 Ginni Lisk

In this series of employee profiles, we’re taking a look at what it’s like to work at DueDil, providing greater insight into the company.

Today we would like to introduce Willie Osborn, Head of Sales Development at DueDil.

Ginni Lisk: Why did you choose to join DueDil?

Willie Osborn: I was previously working at Bloomberg, but had known about DueDil for a while. As I learned more about the company, it became clear that at DueDil I would get the opportunity for personal and professional growth, and – more importantly – a place to come to work every morning and know that I am building something significant and interesting.

GL: How are you empowered in your daily work to make that impact, and build something meaningful?

WO: DueDil is a very trusting place; as a company we both seek out and reward people who take ownership. DueDil employees make the most of that ownership by crafting new ways of working, finding better process and achieving over-performance. At DueDil commitment to getting better results is actively rewarded.

GL: What do you think is unique about the DueDil culture?

WO: Our combined culture of individual meritocracy and group collaboration. Across all functions; from sales to marketing, HR, engineering, and our management teams, DueDil is full of incredibly driven, intelligent and successful individuals.

All of us are over-achievers, wanting to be the best of the best. Given that, it constantly amazes me that rather than resulting in a culture of ‘every man for himself,’ in reality we all thrive on working collaboratively – we’re all moving towards the same goal.

GL: What do you wish people knew about DueDil that they might not know now?

WO: Trying to convey accurate brand awareness is somewhere we’re making huge strides in; we are invested in the explanation of how we are different to other data technology companies, and committed to maintaining the agility and mind-set of a start-up. We have thrown ourselves into an industry full of incumbents, that are in some cases up one hundred years old, but we are living in that realm, owning part of it and also changing it.

GL: How do you define the ways in which DueDil is different to other data technology and business intelligence companies?

WO: It’s not about the data – it’s about how you interact with that data. DueDil is unique as a product because of the usability of the toolset and due to this usability, the way in which DueDil facilitates more effective interaction with datasets and quicker access to real intelligence.

Where DueDil sets itself apart is in adoption. The reality is people don’t use tools that aren’t quick and easy. If you put DueDil on peoples’ desks their processes will be quicker and streamlined, which drives measurable growth and is a really tangible benefit.

GL: What gets you out of bed in the morning every day to come to work?

WO: In its simplest form: continuous improvement. Getting better results and thriving off an environment that supports learning new skills.

GL: How does that translate for you outside of DueDil?

WO: Whether at work or outside of work, what drives me is putting something into action and seeing the results. I like being active and, for want of a better phrase, going on adventures! I enjoy surfing, skiing, fly fishing, working out at the gym – all because I like getting better at things.

GL: Why should people come to work at DueDil?

WO: Because you do have a real chance to make an impact and a difference. At a vital and exciting stage of our company, every single thing that you do or don’t do has the potential to have impact; that is very exciting. It makes you constantly adapt and evolve, learn and reassess and challenge yourself.

You can learn so much at DueDil through osmosis, working with so many different people from different backgrounds; you are constantly learning and developing without even realising it.

Everyone always says that where they work is fun – and I always thought that was nonsense, and something people said because they thought they should. Since I’ve been working at DueDil it’s become clear that it doesn’t have to be a lie! We actually really do have a fun work environment and a lot of that is down to the different people we have here with different interests.

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