Four Reasons to Integrate Company Data

06 July 2017 Cliona MoultonApi

Working with accurate and up-to-date data is imperative for making informed business decisions, whether you work in Sales and Marketing or Compliance. One of the most common challenges we hear from new customers is that their data sources are cumbersome, hard to integrate and siloed within an organisation.

This results in frustration and conflict within an organisation, especially when it comes to decision-making.

The [DueDil API](" target="_blank) solves these problems, by providing businesses with integrated access to comprehensive company data from the DueDil platform. It can be used to enhance a wide variety of business functions, from auto-populating website forms to verifying customer credentials.

Here are some of the main benefits of integrating company data across your business:

1) Improve customer experience by autopopulating web forms

Why force customers to fill out lengthy forms when you can automate the process? Smart Pension has integrated business data into its systems to speed up their customer onboarding process. By implementing the DueDil API, they have been able to pull in the correct endpoints to autopopulate their online sign-up forms.

This has enabled the company to maximise its revenues by minimising drop-off rates and ensuring a seamless customer experience. Watch [our on-demand webinar](" target="_blank) in which CTO Sam Barton shares their story of success.

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2) Increase efficiency by automating  onboarding compliance checks

The due diligence process can often slow down your customer onboarding process, due to the time required to acquire and verify the necessary documents. TransferWise has integrated data across its systems, enabling its compliance team to quickly cross-check information supplied by business customers during sign-up that ensures fast and efficient verification.

As a result, customers don't have to upload documents themselves, ensuring a seamless user experience and minimising drop-off. [Find out more about how TransferWise](" target="_blank) has implemented the DueDil API.

3) Work with a clean database

Maintaining a CRM with clean data is essential to ensuring your sales and marketing teams are spending their valuable time on what matters. We often hear from sales leaders who are suffering from a messy CRM filled with unreliable data and duplicated accounts.

That is why we have created a [5 step guide on cleansing your CRM](" target="_blank) which provides tangible steps to cleanse your CRM.

4) Integrate the most up-to-date insights into your workflow

Once you have a clean CRM, the question is, how can you ensure you're working with reliable and up-to-date data? DueDil updates its data every 24 hours and by implementing our API, you can ensure that this data feeds directly into your systems and processes. Here's a [list of the current datasets](" target="_blank) provided by the DueDil API.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. One of the great things about the DueDil API is its ease of integration and the huge variety of potential use cases. Why not [check out the documentation](" target="_blank) and see what you can create?

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About DueDil

DueDil is a private company information platform that enables businesses to find opportunities and mitigate risks. DueDil provides authoritative data and rich context on over 40 million companies across 9 European countries.

Unlike traditional information suppliers, DueDil provides a unified platform for teams across a business to contextualise and navigate the relationships between sets of data. This enables companies to use DueDil for prospecting, marketing, compliance, onboarding and conducting due diligence.