Introducing Company Report PDFs and List Customisation

18 October 2016 Sam HockleyProduct

Personalisation is a great thing. Everyone appreciates being able to set up a product or service in just the right way to fulfil their own needs. Two new features from DueDil bring greater scope for customisation to our users.

These features will enable you to:

  • Download custom company reports: Configure your ideal company report with select data fields and download it as a PDF.
  • Tailor lists to fit your needs: Set your lists up to suit you. Add, remove and order data columns to best fit your needs.
  • Export any list: Add a list of prospects directly into Salesforce, or download a set of companies as a CSV.

Company Reports Example

What’s new?

Company Report PDFs provide users with greater options for customisation. Printed business reports are detailed while still being easy-to-understand and provide all the information required for compliance purposes.

Lists on DueDil receive two significant updates: the ability to customise columns in list view as well as CSV and Salesforce exports.

Users are now able to select and order the fields they need when viewing a list, greatly expanding the usefulness of the feature.

List Export View

How do I use them?

Company Report PDFs are accessed from anywhere within a company profile by clicking the ‘Report’ button.

Company Reports Button Duedil

Users will then be prompted to select which elements they would like to include in the report. Once these have been selected, the PDF report will be generated accordingly and will be downloaded.

Company Report Options

To edit columns within a list, click the ‘Settings’ icon at the top left. This makes it possible to add, remove or move columns within the list.

Lists editing columns

Once you’re happy with the list set-up, click the ‘Complete’ icon to save your changes and return to the regular list interface. Any changes made to the list will be saved for future use.

List exports are achieved by clicking the ‘Export List’ button, which offers the ability to export as a CSV or directly to Salesforce.

Lists Export to a CSV
If exporting as a CSV, users have the option to include director information and to customise the fields included in the export.

How do these features help me?

Any team that requires physical records of company information, for instance as part of an audit trail, will benefit from the new Company Reports feature. The ability to tailor each report ensures you have access to the information most relevant to your team.

The updates to Lists will benefit users in any team. Exporting a list makes a number of everyday tasks much simpler. For example, appending and cleaning a list of companies is straightforward, especially when used in conjunction with the CSV Uploads feature.

These features are available now to our Enterprise customers.

To find out more about any of our product features, contact our Sales team at or 020 3137 8490