Introducing CSV Uploads and List Reports

27 July 2016 Sam HockleyProduct

Extracting the maximum value out of a list of prospects is a difficult task. Knowing which companies to prioritise, who is giving out buying signals and where the outliers lie can take hours of work. Two new features from DueDil make this possible in seconds.

CSV Uploads and List Reports will help you to:

  • Gain insight into any list: Identify trends, spot outliers and better understand any list of companies, whether customers, prospects or suppliers.
  • Cleanse existing lists: Append lists with the latest company data, including financials, contact information, director information and much more.
  • Prioritise your time: Save time and improve your team’s efficiency by ensuring that they are working off the latest company data.

Turnover Overview in list reports

What’s new?

CSV Uploads enable users to create new lists on DueDil using any CSV file. The feature automatically matches any entries with DueDil’s database of businesses and stakeholders. This ensures that business data is fully populated and up-to-date, and users can take advantage of all the benefits provided by Lists.

List Reports visualise trends across industry, geography and financial performance. This makes it easy to spot trends and identify outliers, as well as understand the context behind a set of companies.

The Salesforce Connector has also been updated, with new features making it easier to manage and export leads.

Segments within List Reports

How do I use them?

To upload a CSV file, create a new list and populate it via the ‘Start uploading’ button.

Upload CSV

Next, select the CSV file you wish to use, and then select the columns you wish to use for matching. Once you’re happy with the options selected, DueDil will start the process of matching entries against its database.

Uploading the correct CSV

List Reports are accessed from within any list, by clicking ‘View as Report’.

How to access company reports

How do these features help me?

These features provide key insight and efficiency gains that will benefit many users.

Sales teams can particularly benefit from these features. Any CSV file of potential prospects can be quickly turned into a list of actionable business information. With up-to-date business information and contact details automatically provided, teams can then prioritise and work through lists individually or as a team.

These features will also help finance teams. List Reports make it easy to conduct quick analysis on a set of companies and can reveal anomalies that require further investigation.

List Reports and CSV Uploads are available now to our Enterprise customers

To find out more about any of our product features, contact our Sales team at or 020 3137 8490.