Introducing DueDil Connect

16 March 2016

Getting in touch with decision-makers is hard. You’ll know the frustration – hours lost sifting through outdated email addresses, static CRM data, and LinkedIn profiles in search of the contact you need. With this in mind, we have created a solution: DueDil Connect.

DueDil Connect is a new solution for finding valuable contacts in target companies. It enables DueDil users to map their network across a unique pool of public profiles, allowing teams to easily identify decision-makers and leverage warm connections through mutually shared contacts.

Overview of Duedil's Connect feauture

How does DueDil Connect help me?

When building DueDil Connect, we prioritised these key features:

  • Easily identify and contact decision-makers: Users can quickly find relevant people in target organisations, with any mutual contacts clearly demonstrated, making it easy to ask for a warm introduction.
  • Map and understand your network: DueDil Connect makes it easy to understand the reach of you and your team, so you can focus on high quality targets where you have contacts.
  • Relevant updates on contacts’ companies: Provides DueDil users with relevant news and notifications on companies where they have contacts.

By taking advantage of these features, B2B salespeople can streamline their prospecting processes and take out the pain associated with searching for decision-makers.

Louis Kwakye, Engagement Consultancy Manager at Reward Gateway, said:

“Being able to see social connections across our networks is invaluable, as it enables us as a sales team to map out who we know and how best to contact them. Connect allows us to integrate the social aspect of business into our sales strategy, and it’s going to be an integral tool for Reward Gateway, and for companies like us.”

How do I use DueDil Connect?

To get started with DueDil Connect, you’ll need to sync your professional email account with DueDil. This can be done via your Account page.

The video below demonstrates the process of getting started with Connect:

Within Advanced Search, users can narrow down searches to companies where their colleagues either do or do not have contacts.

DueDil Connect is found under the People tab on Company Profiles. Here, users can see employees of the company, along with information such as their job titles, social media account information, and any mutually shared contacts.

This can be used to identify decision-makers and will show you how you are connected to different people within an organisation. You can also message contacts directly from this page, or ask for an intro from a shared connection.

Finally, updates on your contacts’ companies will appear in your activity feed, where you will see relevant news and notifications.

Sounds great! Anything else I should know?

DueDil Connect is available now to our Enterprise users by activating the feature on their DueDil account. We will make this feature available to all of our users at a later date.

If you have any questions about DueDil Connect, please refer to our dedicated Helpdesk.

Interested in DueDil Connect but not currently on an Enterprise plan? Get in touch with our Sales team by email, or call 020 3137 8490.