Introducing Event Search Filters

01 March 2018 Sam HockleyProduct

Find new companies to sell to based on recent status changes and business updates. With the release of nine new event filters based, you can identify new prospects when they are most likely to need a particular product or service.

While our existing email notifications provide regular updates on the companies you follow, these new filters enable you to proactively identify previously unknown businesses that are going through certain events or changes.


What is it?

These new filters enable users to identify companies based on recent company events. These include:
• New Accounts Filed
• Change of Status
• Industry Code Updated
• New Address Listed
• Beneficial Owner Changes
• Shareholder Changes
• Gazette Notices
• Employee Count Updated*

When applying a filter, you can search across either 7 days, 30 days or a custom date range.

These filters can be applied in conjunction over 90 other search filters. Visit our Data Types page for a full list of the filters available on DueDil.


What can I use it for?

These new filters enable several use cases.

Sales teams can identify new prospects based on updates to employee count, listed addresses and new account filings, when a business may be in particular need of a new service. For example, Zipcar utilise DueDil to reach out to recently incorporated companies, conducting a direct mail campaign promoting their service and achieving a 40% lead conversion rate.

Changes to Beneficial Owners, Shareholders or Directors may indicate a change of ownership, which may present opportunities that would interest private equity or wealth management companies.

Advisory services can identify companies that have recently entered receivership or liquidation using filters such as Change of Status and Gazette Notices, which are likely to be in need of such services.

Event Search Filters are available now to all DueDil customers. To find out more about the filters and data types available on DueDil, check out our Data Types overview.

*The Employee Count event filter is currently still in development, but is expected to be released in the near future.