Introducing Interactive List Reports

05 October 2017 Sam HockleyProduct

Last year, we introduced List Reports with the goal of helping you to identify trends, spot outliers and better understand any list of companies. With the launch of Interactive List Reports, it is now easy to take action on these insights and identify opportunities faster.

Interactive List Reports offer a unique way of mapping whitespace and identifying new prospects, based on high-performing segments identified in a List Report.


What is it?

Interactive List Reports allow any List Report segment to be viewed in Advanced Search, displaying the companies that comprise that segment and the criteria that define it.

It can easily be used to identify similar companies that fit the same criteria, while excluding the selected list. This is achieved by changing the ‘In Your Lists’ filter to exclude companies in the selected list.


How do I use it?

List Reports are accessed by clicking the ‘View as Report’ button within any of your lists.


Click on any segment to view it in Advanced Search.


To find companies that fit the same search criteria that are not within the selected list, simply change the ‘In Your Lists’ filter to exclude the selected list.


What can I do with it?

Interactive List Reports are particularly beneficial for teams engaged in prospecting activity.

By accessing a customer list in Report view, common traits and trends are visualised, and the characteristics of quality customers can be easily identified.

Clicking on a segment opens it in Advanced Search, and by changing the ‘In Your Lists’ filter to exclude companies in the selected list, you can access a list of prospects that match the characteristics of the selected segment while excluding existing customers.

This feature enables users to investigate anomalies in a list of companies, by presenting the affected companies in Advanced Search for further analysis.

Interactive List Reports are available now for all users. To find more about the features of DueDil, check out our Product page.