Introducing Lists

02 June 2016 Sam HockleyProduct

Keeping track of a large number of companies and ensuring that their information is up-to-date can be a difficult task. We’re excited to announce the launch of Lists, a major new feature that helps solve this problem.

Lists enables users to create customised collections of companies and people that can be tracked for relevant updates. These lists are always up-to-date, ensuring that users are working with the latest data. List sharing allows Enterprise teams to work collaboratively within DueDil.

Overview of lists

What’s new?

This release brings several major updates:

  • List sharing: Collaborate on lists with colleagues or assign them to specific individuals

  • News and notifications: Track businesses for important company news and updates in your Dashboard

  • Enhanced functionality: Take control of your lists with new controls and extra customisability

Unlike a static CSV file, company data within Lists is always kept up-to-date, so there is no need to manually update information. It is easy to add or remove companies to a list, ensuring that this data is relevant and useful.

How do I use Lists?

Lists are simple to use. Entities can be added to lists either individually from company or director profiles, or in bulk via the Advanced Search.

Overview of how to add lists

Lists can be refined further, by removing unsuitable entries to ensure that you have a quality set of relevant companies.

Managing lists

Lists can be shared with colleagues, with customised permissions. This allows for either a collaborative approach, or for lists to be assigned to specific team members.

Sharing lists

The companies in this list can be monitored for updates in the Dashboard. Updates are categorised as either News, Opportunities or Risks, so you can focus on the updates that matter most.

Opportunities to create by lists

How do these features help me?

These features are a major part of the DueDil platform and provide benefits to many areas of business.

The Dashboard is the new home interface for DueDil users. It presents important news and notifications on companies and directors of interest in a clear, easily actionable manner.

Overview of dashboard in lists

The Dashboard helps to prioritise targets and provides conversation openers, in the form of recent news and company updates. It also indicates any mutual contacts at a company through DueDil Connect, opening up the possibility of a warm introduction.

For Sales teams, Lists is an excellent platform for managing prospects. Teams can identify ideal targets through the Advanced Search, refine and prioritise these in a list, and monitor for sales triggers in the Dashboard. This can be done either individually or as a team.

Finance teams can use this feature to monitor companies for important changes. For example, a procurement team can create lists of existing suppliers as well as replacement vendors. It can then monitor for important changes and act accordingly, protecting the supply chain.

Lists are available now to our Enterprise customers.