Introducing Shareholder Search Filters

28 September 2017 Sam HockleyProduct

Identify prospects and investment opportunities with the ownership profile you’re looking for. With new Shareholder Search filters from DueDil, you can easily filter for companies with specific shareholding structures or find the portfolios of individual shareholders.

Looking to target companies with concentrated shareholdings, or businesses ripe for takeover? Just apply one of the new Shareholder Search filters to identify the companies that fit your requirements.


What is it?

This release consists of four new search filters:

  • Total Shareholding Count
  • Individuals Count
  • Companies Count
  • Shareholder Name

All four filters are found within Advanced Search under the Ownership tab.

The first three filters identify companies based on the number of shareholders they possess. You can filter companies based on the count of corporate or individual shareholders as well as the overall total shareholder count.

Shareholder Name enables you to search by the name of a specific shareholder, which can be either included or excluded from the search. This filter acts similarly to the Keywords feature, with the ability to easily add multiple Shareholder Name filters to a single search.

What can it be used for?

Shareholder Search filters open up a number of use cases.

Investment and M&A teams can limit prospecting activity to companies that are suitable for takeover, such as those with a small number of total shareholders or those with no corporate shareholdings.

The Shareholder Name filter can be used to search for companies that are partially owned by funds, which may be more likely to be bought out or undergo a different liquidity event such as an IPO. It can also be used to analyse the shareholdings of a specific individual.

Shareholder Search filters are available now for all customers. For a complete list of the filters available on DueDil, check out our Data Types overview.