Introducing the new HMRC Importers & Exporters dataset search filter

24 July 2018 Ryan BaldeoProduct

Target new companies that have imported or exported goods into or out of the European Union. Utilising data directly from HMRC, you can identify key information on the types of goods these companies are importing or exporting.

These new filters can help identify companies with exposure to foreign markets around the globe.

What is it?

This new filter allows you to identify those companies who have reported any importing or exporting to HMRC. You can also search key words that fall within the HMRC commodity codes. This new filter also includes criteria like:

  • Has imported
  • Has exported
  • Commodity codes

When applying a filter, you can also search for imported/exported within the last 3 months, 6 months or a custom date range.


What can I use it for?

Sales teams within financial exchange or similar companies can easily prospect based on companies that are sending or receiving goods. This indicates they are doing business abroad and are likely to be receiving funds in a local currency.

The new HMRC Importers & Exporters filter is now available to all DueDil customers with data now available on the company profile page.


To find out more about the filter and data types available on DueDil, check out our Data Types overview.