Introducing the Ownership Tab

12 May 2016 Sam HockleyProduct

Trying to understand who a company is owned by and who they are connected to can be an onerous task. We’re happy to announce the launch of the Ownership Tab, a new feature that automates this process and makes it easy to understand the governance of a company.

The Ownership Tab acts as a central hub for understanding company governance. It displays directorship information, shareholder information, portfolio companies and related companies.

Barclays Ownership Tab

How does the Ownership Tab help me?

This feature provides several major benefits:

  • Automates a long and manual process: The Ownership Tab removes the need for lengthy background research to understand a company’s governance and related companies.
  • Centralises KYC information: Essential KYC information, including information on company governance and interests, is located in the same tab.
  • Reveals hidden links and associations: The Related Companies widget displays companies that may represent the same economic interest.

Taking advantage of these features presents a huge timesaving opportunity for compliance and KYC teams.

However, other users will also benefit from the enhanced understanding of company links. For example, identifying related companies and connections presents salespeople with up-selling opportunities.

What does it let me do that I couldn’t do before?

The Ownership Tab introduces an improved interface to DueDil’s directorship and shareholder information, which are now represented in a much easier to understand format.

Ownership Tab Shareholders overview

However, the most significant innovations in this release are the Portfolio Companies and Related Companies sections.

Portfolio Companies presents the investments a given company holds in other businesses, including share percentage and the total investment value. It represents both minority and majority shareholdings, whereas the Group Graph only represents majority (or controlling) interests.

Portfolio overview

Related Companies displays businesses that are not officially linked, but may represent the same economic interest. This may mean they share numerous directors, or are registered in the same location. For each of these potentially related companies, a degree of confidence is indicated.

Related Companies

By automating the process of understanding a given company’s governance, and presenting this information in a single location, the Ownership Tab makes many business tasks simpler.

How do I get started?

The Ownership Tab can be found on every company profile. It is available now to our Enterprise and Premium users.

To find out more about the Ownership Tab, contact our Sales team.