New DueDil features: LinkedIn, search, exports

01 June 2015 Victoria Domalik

I’d like to introduce some of the new features we’ve built for you. The last post we wrote announced changes to the way DueDil operates, and whilst our pricing structure has changed our commitment to doing things right has remained the same.

We’ve been working full steam on getting out the features that you (and I) have asked for so brace yourself this is going to get exciting.

Multiple location search

Long ago I was tasked with identifying the top 25 performing companies in North West England. This was a painful experience. The criteria remained the same for finding the performers but sadly I had to rerun my search five times to include Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

Not any more. Now all the locations you need can be added to one search and exported one time. I’d like to add at this point that it wasn’t only my gripe, our members felt the same way so we fixed it.

You’ll find this addition to the registered address and trading location filters on the left hand side of the Advanced Search bar under company and status.


Saved Search

One of our customers asked us to help them do a search for architectural firms under five years of age.

They figured that if they can create relationships with like minded young architectural firms they would be first in mind when it came to fitting the interiors. This tactic paid dividends. What’s better is that you can rerun a saved search to see if any new companies fit the criteria. Here’s a quick video to help get you acquainted.

You’ll find the save button next to exports on the right hand side of the Advanced Search page.


LinkedIn Directors

Let’s face it, the first thing you do when you find a company or person that looks interesting is look them up online. Here at DueDil we’ve made it easier for you to do this by adding a LinkedIn button on all director profiles. That way you don’t have to desperately click around to find the right window and waste time.

It’s all in one place and that’s right next to the director’s name on the people tab.



Previously when running an export only the first 1,000 lines would find their way onto a csv. It was messy and confusing and sometimes added things no one usually needs like retired directorships. Meh.

Now there’s a veritable smorgasbord of choice like choosing the lines you want included in the export and from which row the export should start. Many of our members are massive perfectionists when it comes to excel sheets and I can tell you, we got a few hallelujah hoots from members we tested this on (thanks guys). Watch this video to see the action.


Company Status and Enhanced Keyword Search

In simpler times we had three company statuses:

  • active
  • receivership
  • dissolved

However now there are 22 statuses that a company can find itself in:

  • examinership
  • liquidation
  • live but receiver manager on at least one charge
  • proposal to strike off
  • voluntary arrangement

And my personal favourite ‘transferred from UK’ for which there was only one result that I will not share with you. Go take a look for yourself.

Click browse on the status filter in Advanced Search to find it.

Hand in hand with this nuanced approach is enhanced keyword search we’ve been putting a lot of work into making the keyword filter use normal english, you can use hat maker rather than milliner as a random example…

In addition to all these big features we are constantly making small tweaks to the tool – more on those soon. For those of you that expected some kind of lyric or reference to the new kids on the block, sadly the only thing I know is that they were once great.

We need you

Please keep in touch and let us know if there is something that you love, hate, wish you had please email us at or give us a call on 02035 535 433 and we’ll get on it.