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How to create the perfect Ideal Customer Profile

13 April 2017 DueDil TeamBest practices

An ideal customer profile helps companies to better direct their product development and marketing efforts. Learn how to create one effectively. »

DueDil names Pierre Berlin as Chief Revenue Officer

10 February 2017 DueDil Team

Today we’re excited to announce the appointment of Pierre Berlin to the company’s senior leadership team as Chief Revenue Officer, with immediate effect. In this role, Pierre will be responsible for ensuring »

Tech Nation: What it is and how we made it

05 February 2015 DueDil Team

Just how important is tech to the UK economy? Today (5th February 2015) sees the release of Tech Nation, an attempt to map and analyse all ... »

Our groundbreaking report into the UK's migrant entrepreneurs

04 March 2014 DueDil Team

This week we launched a new report, Migrant Entrepreneurs: building our businesses, creating our jobs, with the Centre for Entrepreneurs. »

We've raised $17m to organise private company data and enable real-time intelligence

03 March 2014 DueDil Team

We’re so excited to let you know about DueDil’s Series B funding round, which is announced today. This is the official announcement: DueDil, the business discovery platform, today announced it has completed »