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How to create the perfect Ideal Customer Profile

13 April 2017

If you’ve been selling your product to a broad variety of industries and sizes of customer, it’s often hard to know where to focus your sales, marketing and product development efforts. Who should you »

Bringing International Coverage to DueDil

04 April 2017

Last month at DueDil Spotlight, DueDil announced plans for the expansion of its international coverage in 2017. Today, we are excited to launch the first wave of international features, which include company »

A Guide to Financial Due Diligence

30 March 2017

Financial due diligence is the procedure a potential buyer of a company undertakes to assess the financial health and stability of the assets up for sale. To provide transparency and comfort to the acquiring »

Top 5 things you missed at DueDil Spotlight

28 March 2017

On 1st March, we held our first user conference, DueDil Spotlight, which gathered over 200 executives in London. Throughout the afternoon, we heard from business leaders discussing the use of data, automation »

A Guide to Customer Due Diligence

23 March 2017

Customer due diligence is the process a company undertakes to establish who its customers are by acquiring proof of their identity. Companies are required to carry out such checks when forming new business »