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What are capital gearing ratios (and why do they matter)?

04 August 2015 Matt Owen

This week, let's take a look at Capital Gearing Ratios, see why they matter, and how you can use them to more accurately identify and profile ... »

Risk assessment legislation: how it affects your business

03 August 2015 Kieron Johnson

Risk assessment is a 'hot topic' in this area, which will assume even greater significance as the scope of potential risks increases over time. »

21 incredibly useful IFTTT recipes for business users

31 July 2015 Matt Owen

IFTTT (Short for “If This Then that”) is one of the most useful services on the web, allowing users to easily plug various apps and services together to automate tasks. The name comes from the services »

How scenario planning can give your company the edge

29 July 2015 Kieron Johnson

The unrelenting pace of business in an uncertain economy means that having one plan is like using an analogue television on a digital frequency. It’s behind the times. You need to have a plan B. It won’t »

Laws and regulations your new business needs to know (and follow)

27 July 2015 Kieron Johnson

The real challenge comes when navigating your way through the myriad of rules and regulations that will affect your new business. Failing to ... »