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Mergers and acquisitions: typical criteria for successful deals

09 June 2015 Sean O'Mara

Mergers and acquisitions are back in the news thanks to the successful takeover of America’s second largest cable company, Time Warner, by Charter Communications, the nation’s fourth largest cable company. »

Inventory turnover ratio: using DueDil for risk and investment

09 June 2015 Matt Owen

What can inventory turnover tell you about a business? »

Married to the market: How weddings affect the economy

05 June 2015 Matt Owen

I’m getting married in the morning… well, actually I’m getting married in about a month, and boy does my bank account know it. Rings, dresses, venues, cakes, DJs… The average wedding in the UK costs around »

12 handy B2B lead generation presentations you may have missed

04 June 2015 Matt Owen

A quick search on SlideShare revealed that there are somewhere north of 26,000 presentations on B2B lead generation doing the rounds right now. Some are popular, some less so. Some are great, some… not »

How gyms are pumping up the UK economy

03 June 2015 Matt Owen

Around 13% of people in Britain have a gym membership. And as of yesterday, I’m one of them. I hadn’t been to the gym in a while, due to a combination of recently moving house, and being bone-idle. As »