Author: Kieron Johnson

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Three easy ways to make your services stand out

21 August 2015 Kieron Johnson

product optimisation doesn't have to be a complex process. The best ... Three easy ways to make your products stand out ... »

Sales tips: how to appear super-confident (even if you’re not)

18 August 2015 Kieron Johnson

In sales, the aim is to seem confident to customers, even if you're not, and there are several ways you can achieve the 'confidence effect'. »

Business leadership lessons from Silicon Valley's finest

11 August 2015 Kieron Johnson

We look at a selection of leadership styles topped off with some advice thrown in by Silicon Valley's elite. Time to play Follow the Leader. »

How to combat competitive risks in emerging businesses

05 August 2015 Kieron Johnson

Newsflash: most up-and-coming businesses have more competitors and less competitive advantages than they think. If your business has a ... »

Risk assessment legislation: how it affects your business

03 August 2015 Kieron Johnson

Risk assessment is a 'hot topic' in this area, which will assume even greater significance as the scope of potential risks increases over time. »