Author: Matt Owen

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17 achingly beautiful Airbnb’s for business travellers

16 June 2015 Matt Owen

The most amazing places to stay on your next business trip »

Financial crime: What do MLROs do?

12 June 2015 Matt Owen

An MLRO is one of the most important appointments a financial company can make, so you need to ensure you’ve chosen somebody with the right mix of skills. Unfortunately, the actual responsibilities of »

Find company information quickly with DueDil's company pages

11 June 2015 Matt Owen

Discover company credit scores, director information ad more in moments. »

Inventory turnover ratio: using DueDil for risk and investment

09 June 2015 Matt Owen

What can inventory turnover tell you about a business? »

Married to the market: How weddings affect the economy

05 June 2015 Matt Owen

I’m getting married in the morning… well, actually I’m getting married in about a month, and boy does my bank account know it. Rings, dresses, venues, cakes, DJs… The average wedding in the UK costs around »