Author: Sean O'Mara

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Five alternatives to buying business lists

02 September 2015 Sean O'Mara

Buying business leads can be expensive and optimising the budget is time consuming. There are other ways to capture leads, here's five you ... »

Identifying the key decision-maker in any organisation

07 August 2015 Sean O'Mara

Identifying the key decision maker in a business is half the battle when pitching or selling. You can waste a lot of time and effort either pitching to the wrong person or worse still, trying and failing »

Seven key compliance regulations you need to know

22 June 2015 Sean O'Mara

When you get on a plane, turn on your TV, or buy a sandwich from a supermarket, you do so with a certain level of confidence. You don't expect ... »

What FCA regulation means for SMEs

19 June 2015 Sean O'Mara

FCA regulation ensures customers are treated fairly. As an SME you're a financial customer. Find out your rights and responsibilities under FCA ... »

Business intelligence: a beginner's guide to company research

18 June 2015 Sean O'Mara

Company research is crucial to a large number of business and professional processes. In some cases failure to conduct the correct company ... »