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Business Credit Reports now available on Duedil

03 April 2013 DueDil Team

We are delighted to announce that company credit reports are now available on Duedil. A big part of our mission at Duedil is to empower ... »

Cambridge, Europe’s Most Successful Tech Cluster

12 December 2012 DueDil Team

A recent study by Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) has revealed that Cambridge is Europe's most successful technology cluster, ... »

The SME Financing Gap

13 October 2012 DueDil Team

With the recent focus on the financing difficulties faced by small- and medium-sized businesses in the UK, we decided to conduct our own study ... »

Mapping The Recession Infographic

17 August 2012 DueDil Team

See the full infographic and our heatmap video that tell the story of the recession. An embed code for the infographic is at the bottom of this post ... »

Love SIC: Choosing an SIC code

05 July 2012 DueDil Team

Every company in the UK must choose a SIC code when filing their first annual return. As we wrote in a blog last year SIC stands for Standard ... »