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Mapping The Recession Infographic

17 August 2012 DueDil Team

See the full infographic and our heatmap video that tell the story of the recession. An embed code for the infographic is at the bottom of this post ... »

Love SIC: Choosing an SIC code

05 July 2012 DueDil Team

Every company in the UK must choose a SIC code when filing their first annual return. As we wrote in a blog last year SIC stands for Standard ... »

Graphing Company Performance

25 June 2012 DueDil Team

Graphing company financials has been a feature of Duedil since we started. Clicking on any financial figure from the financials table will ... »

Understanding Financial Terms

19 June 2012 DueDil Team

For those not familiar with financial terms it can be a little difficult to understand the importance and application of the financial figures included in annual accounts. Following up our recent post »

A Guide to Company Accounts

18 June 2012 DueDil Team

Although all private limited and public companies are required to file annual accounts to Companies House, the amount of information a ... »