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What Does Being a UK Company Director Mean?

07 October 2011 DueDil Team

Quite a few of you reading this blog post may already be company directors, some of you may be thinking about setting up a UK company and becoming a director, whilst there may be some of you out there »

Corporate Identity Fraud on Companies House

21 September 2011 DueDil Team

Many people have fallen victim to Corporate Identity Fraud, and between 50-100 cases occur each and every month in the UK. The term ... »

Companies House Spelling Mistakes

17 September 2011 DueDil Team

Recent changes at Companies House mean they will no longer be accepting accounts for companies who have spelt their own name ... »

What are SIC codes?

15 September 2011 DueDil Team

A Standard Industrial Classification code or SIC represents a way of classifying companies by business activity. Every company in the UK must choose a SIC code that most closely represents their area of »

What Type of Company Am I?

14 September 2011 DueDil Team

In the UK, there are many company registrations available, all with its advantages and dis-advantages. Which one you choose depends on ... »