Author: Kieron Johnson

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How scenario planning can give your company the edge

29 July 2015 Kieron Johnson

The unrelenting pace of business in an uncertain economy means that having one plan is like using an analogue television on a digital frequency. It’s behind the times. You need to have a plan B. It won’t »

Laws and regulations your new business needs to know (and follow)

27 July 2015 Kieron Johnson

The real challenge comes when navigating your way through the myriad of rules and regulations that will affect your new business. Failing to ... »

An SME guide to business credit scores

16 July 2015 Kieron Johnson

Understanding your business credit score doesn't have to resemble an episode of Mastermind. A little attention goes a long way. »

You’re fired! Letting go of underperforming salespeople

01 July 2015 Kieron Johnson

Two words you never want to say (or hear) in business are “you're fired.” But, if you ever find yourself having to utter those dreaded words to ... »

Five tried-and-tested tips for setting sales targets and objectives

26 June 2015 Kieron Johnson

Setting sales targets and objectives can seem overwhelming, but not when you follow these five simple steps. Prepare to be underwhelmed (by the task at hand). In sales, setting goals and objectives is »