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Introducing the Credit Risk Filter

07 September 2017 Sam HockleyProduct

Understand the risk posed by any company without running a credit check, by using the new Credit Risk filter from DueDil. »

What is Vendor Management?

05 September 2017 Amelia Henderson Best practices

Vendor management is a set of processes a company undertakes to establish a holistic view of their suppliers, and manage what each one is doing in a streamlined way. »

Ultimate Beneficial Owner Overview

01 September 2017 Amelia Henderson Best practices

An ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) is an individual who is impacted positively from, and reaps the benefits of ownership even though they are not formally named as the owner of the business. UBO is a term »

IT Due Diligence Checklist

11 August 2017 Amelia Henderson Best practices

Conducting IT due diligence when taking over or merging with another company is key to a smooth transitional period. It may not be the most interesting or enjoyable task, but it’s important that the process »

A Guide to the Different Types of Due Diligence

25 July 2017 Amelia Henderson Best practices

There are multiple types of due diligence depending on your business goals. DueDil outlines the different types of due diligence in this useful guide. »