PEPs, Sanctions & Adverse Media Screening with DueDil

21 September 2017 Ryan BaldeoProduct

Businesses use DueDil to expedite compliant onboarding of new customers for KYC/AML, while ensuring confidence in the regulatory assessment of a counterparty. This extends to conducting checks for PEPs, sanctions & adverse media -- all made simple with the DueDil web platform or the DueDil API.

Conducting these checks with DueDil allows businesses to identify any and all linkages of corporate ownership and associated individuals. As a result, when a check is run against a specific entity, that check can be extended to all of these related parties, returning any flags or sanctions across the entire group. Advanced datasets reveal the ultimate beneficial owner of a business and enable checks for PEPs and any sanctions levied against a business.

Read on to learn more about these regulatory checks, or click here to learn about the solution for compliance.

Are you keeping up with the anti-money laundering (AML) regulatory demands of your business?

Companies today must adhere to strict regulatory protocol to protect them from financial, legal and reputational damage. Many leverage third party compliance checks to uncover PEPs (Politically Exposed Person’s), sanctions, and adverse media associated with a company to ensure their business is better protected against risk. Sufficient KYC (Know Your Customer) due diligence is an essential part of the process.

What is a PEP Check?

PEPs checks investigate if a Politically Exposed Person is connected to a company. These individuals are considered high risk in the compliance landscape and often show connections to associated companies, business partners, and their relatives globally.

What are Sanction Checks?

Sanctions checks are specialised searches that include multiple international sanction databases that identify companies and individuals who are banned from certain activities or industries. Sanction lists can involve those related to terrorism, trafficking, AML and a variety of other factors that may be important to understand before doing business with an organisation.

What are Adverse Media Checks?

Adverse Media checks enable businesses to quickly search a vast array of media sources for historical publishings which may pose reputational risk to your organisation. This can include County Court Judgements, Gazette notices or other material captured in the media related to any entity.

PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media checks require advanced compliance technology and are all part of the DueDil platform. Get in touch to see how you can keep your regulatory processes in check.