The Chrome app is back!

08 June 2012 DueDil Team

Several months ago we introduced our Chrome extension which let Google Chrome users get an instant snapshot of the company behind any website in the UK & Ireland, including contact details, financials, company directors, social data & more. Regular users of Duedil may have noticed the app has experienced some downtime of late.

We would like apologise for the interruption in service, and today are happy to announce our extension has been fully restored, so you can get digging online once again! For the uninitiated, the Duedil Chrome extension is found in the Chrome Web Store.

Once in the web store search for Duedil. When installed, the Duedil logo will appear in the top right hand of your browser, click it whenever you want a wealth of information on any page you are browsing. You can choose from social data, company data, and a reviews tab.

The social data tab displays funding information provided by Crunchbase, connections in your LinkedIn network and Twitter posts about the company.

The company data tab gives you key information, including a list of the company’s directors and key financial facts and figures so you can get a company’s financials without ever leaving the site.

The reviews tab will feature opinions on the company submitted by other Duedil users, and you can even leave one yourself.

You can also choose to follow any company on Duedil, directly from their own website, keeping track of any developments.

Enjoy the Duedil Chrome extension and let us know what you think!