The Dividends Filter: identifying entrepreneurs before business exit

26 September 2019 Jack BeauchampProduct

At DueDil, we are constantly striving to build better products for our customers and have had numerous requests asking for the ability to identify entrepreneurs with growing wealth in the UK economy.

One way of generating a list of such high net worth individuals is to look for shareholders who are due significant dividends. This can be done by researching the amount of dividends payable in a company’s balance sheet.

What are Dividends Payable?

Dividends payable can be defined as the dividends a company’s board of directors have decided to pass on to its shareholders. Up until the point at which these funds are paid to the shareholders, the cash amount can be found labelled as a ‘current liability’.

By their very nature, dividends payable are traditionally classified as a short-term liability, this is because the intention is to pay the shareholders within 12 months.  Therefore, the dividends payable are often included as part of short-term liquidity calculations - for example current ratio or the quick ratio.

Ultimately, dividends are a means of distributing a companies profits to its owners and are an indication of how well a company is performing. In the case of private companies, the they will, more often than not, have few shareholders who are likely the initial investors.

Wealth Management

Wealth managers have been leveraging the DueDil platform to identify entrepreneurs before business exit and build long-lasting relationships at earlier stages. In order to do this, they have been segmenting the entire UK economy to find fast-growing businesses with few shareholders who hold significant portions of wealth.

Recently, they have been asking DueDil to build a filter which would allow them to identify entrepreneurs which fit their ideal client profile criteria by analysing the Dividends being paid out by companies across the UK & Ireland.

The DueDil Dividends Filter

And here it is!

Wealth Managers are now able accurately & easily identify the most well-suited clients by leveraging the power of DueDil's proprietary algorithms, enabling them to build more meaningful & prosperous relationships.

Financial Crime

Financial Crime analysts within the Gambling industry have been utilising the DueDil platform to speed up the onboarding compliance process for HNWIs. As a heavily regulated industry, essential compliance checks have to be thorough and complete, ensuring the source of the funds is accounted for.

With the Dividends Filter, Financial Crime Teams are able to quickly & easily make decisions on compliance checks enabling a smoother customer journey for their clients.

Dividends Payable Search Filters are now available to all DueDil customers. If you would like to learn more about how your business could use DueDil, please reach out to a member of our team.