The features you should be using right now

13 January 2016 Victoria Domalik

New year, new you? Here is a checklist of the best features that we built in 2015.

Read this to make sure that you’re getting the full value of DueDil, and that you’re the most productive person in your team in 2016.

Top features

DueDil Salesforce Connector

You can now directly export DueDil’s company and director information to your Salesforce account with a click of a button.

What does this mean for me?

It means that you can say goodbye to patchy data, no data, or even worse… incorrect data. You can now have a clean CRM that will run accurate reports and help you better understand your customer universe. It will help you make the most of your CRM data – think of all the gems in there that you simply can’t find or link to anything without taking a month to sort out?

This feature is only available for teams, if you want to have this powerful tool in your arsenal or know more about our Salesforce Connector click here or call us on 020 3137 8490.

Osis phone numbers on company profiles

We have over a million phone numbers in our database.

What does this mean for me?

We previously displayed around 700,00 UK business phone numbers drawn from a variety of sources. But we recognised that our users needed more up-to-date information so we’ve gone straight to the source, adding directory listings from BT’s OSIS (Operator Services Information System) database and appending it to our existing company pages. This ensures that you’ve definitely got the right number.

Budget window events

We’ll let you know when the company that you are following is likely to be doing it’s budget review.

What does this mean for me?

This means you’ll know when you should get in touch and can avoid the old ‘we haven’t budgeted for that’ line.


We’ve added live news feeds on the company activity and vitals pages.

What does this mean for me?

With live news updates on your activity feeds you can keep up-to-date with the companies you care about. Good for prospecting a sale, checking for adverse risk and filtering out noise.

Even more features!

DueDil keywords

Some business terms – like ‘Big Data’ for example – weren’t as popular in 2007 when the codes were last updated, and there are also lots of very specific products and services that don’t fit neatly into SIC categories. With DueDil keywords you can find up to 40% more companies.

Search by incorporation date

More precise and more useful than the company age feature, you can now find a company (or companies) that came to life between the dates of your choice. It’s useful if you’d like to figure out how a particular sector grew during a certain period, and even for company disambiguation.

Multiple location search

Previously in order to search a larger geographic location – like ‘North-West England’ for example – you would have to rerun your search everytime you wanted to change the area. Now in one search you can you can find company registered or trading addresses in any set of locations.

Activity tab

Full company event timeline including news, filings and other updates. For directors, it shows all the events associated with their active directorships. You also have the ability to set which activity you see on your activity page to streamline your workflow.

LinkedIn search

We’ve made it easier to look people up by adding a LinkedIn button on all director profiles. That way you don’t have to desperately click around to find the right window and waste time.

Improved search exports

Higher single export limit and the ability to choose what fields you export, for example you can choose only to export incorporation dates and turnover. In addition to this, you can export in bulk direct to your Salesforce account.

New company events

We’ve added: disqualified directors, shareholding changes, CCJ updates and new company status updates. You can even set your email notification preferences for the types of event emails that you want to receive.

Saved Search

Save and list your searches so you can easily re-run searches without having to repeatedly enter complex search criteria.

Location widget

We’ve put the Google Map view of a company’s registered or trading address on the vitals page for easy access.

If you would like to know a bit more about any of these features, you’ll find the links to the articles about them here. Remember all your future prospects are on DueDil.

We’re always working hard to make DueDil better, if you have any suggestions or queries please direct them at

Thanks for reading and go try these features out!