Top 5 things you missed at DueDil Spotlight

28 March 2017 Cliona Moulton

On 1st March, we held our first user conference, DueDil Spotlight, which gathered over 200 executives in London. Throughout the afternoon, we heard from business leaders discussing the use of data, automation and efficiency to identify opportunities and mitigate risk. It was difficult to put a finger on one thing that stood out, so instead we’ve compiled our top 5 takeaways. The video content from the event is now live so you can tune in from your desk to re-live the discussions!


1. Driving innovation requires a passionate leader & team

When we discuss the subject of innovation with our customers, it appears that a lot of new, creative ideas are sometimes stifled by regulation. How can a company grow efficiently if change is not embraced? We asked our panellists from HSBC, Barclays and Octopus Investments how they were overcoming regulation and barriers to create an innovative culture. They provided the audience several ideas to nurture innovation and get buy-in from the top.

Sean Duffy from Barclays explained how having a passionate stakeholder is crucial in driving innovation and buy-in from the board, whilst Simon Rogerson from Octopus Investments shared the idea of innovation labs. And that was only a taste of their session, watch now for more inspiration.

2. Stop fighting the evolution of technology, embrace it

Antony Jenkins, Executive Chairman at 10X Future Technologies and former CEO of Barclays shared his views and insights on how technology has changed the banking industry. With branch traffic falling by 15% per annum, there is only one solution – adapt to change and find the white space. This is easier said than done, but one of the key components of ensuring success, is the capability of implementing a culture of change and embracing it. The question is, do you want to be a company that strives or thrives during turbulent times? Watch the full session here.


3. People are the key element to driving change in a business

In this highly-rated session, Tim Weller shared his extraordinary professional journey to date. He discussed his primary strategies on growing an organisation and leading digital transformation. If your company is currently going through change, Tim provided tangible takeaways and advice to others facing similar challenges which will be a great starting point for you. The main message that ran through his fireside chat was that people are the key element to driving change. Tune in now.

4. Automate your workflow to drive efficiency

This was a very exciting and interesting panel where a lot of ideas and views were shared. Executives from Paymentsense, GP Bullhound, Xero and Scaleup Institute discussed how they were scaling and thriving amidst these uncertain times. The key message that we heard throughout their discussion was that automation and data are without a doubt a necessity when it comes to success.

If companies want to grow quickly and stay ahead of the curve, they need to adapt processes which will drive change. Paymentsense shared how they have automated their onboarding process with the new DueDil API. A process which took them on average 2 weeks, now takes them 5 hours to complete. Learn about DueDil’s new API here and watch the full session here.

5. DueDil is partnering with Callcredit & expanding international data coverage

During DueDil Spotlight, we announced that Callcredit, the leading provider of consumer information, is partnering with DueDil to create an integrated solution to verify people and companies. In addition, this month DueDil will expand its coverage to an additional 29 million businesses across France, Germany, Benelux and the Nordics. The expanded European coverage will make it easier for businesses to discover new customers and make even more informed decisions on the businesses they work with across Europe. Learn more about the future of DueDil here.


All in all, DueDil Spotlight’s thought-provoking content highlighted that creating a business strategy to drive data, automation and efficiency is crucial to thriving in today’s business landscape.

DueDil is renowned for having the most comprehensive data on private companies in the UK and now across Europe, enabling companies to increase automation and efficiency by using our web application or integrating our API.

For more information on how you can use DueDil in your business strategy, get in touch today.