Webinar: 2017 Product Innovations & Looking Ahead to 2018

18 January 2018 Cliona MoultonWebinar

As we start 2018, we're taking a look back at how our product has developed and advanced over the last year. At DueDil, it's thanks to feedback from our customers that we are able to ensure that our product is continuously being improved to better meet business needs.

To give you the opportunity to learn more about these advancements and what’s to come, we hosted a webinar on the 24th January. In this 45-minute session, our Chief Product Officer, Naaman Tammuz, shared our top ten product innovations from 2017 and provided a sneak peak into the roadmap for 2018.

To spark your interest, here’s a preview of our top ten product innovations from 2017 which Naaman discussed during the webinar:

  • A new and improved DueDil API
  • Intuitive search interface
  • Powerful new search filters
  • International company profiles
  • KYB & KYC checks through a single integration
  • Group Ownership Graphs
  • Entity classification with LEIs
  • Comprehensive news functionality
  • Interactive List Reports
  • PEPs & Sanctions

Tune in now to our on-demand version to learn more about our 2017 innovations and our 2018 roadmap.