Author: Kieron Johnson

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How to announce (yet another) change in your business

14 December 2015 Kieron Johnson

Announcing changes to your business can be difficult. Here's our guide to effective communication to ease the pain. »

Financial crime: three key characteristics all new MLROs need

23 November 2015 Kieron Johnson

Money laundering is serious business and so is the business of preventing it. A firm that falls foul of its anti-money laundering obligations may face civil, disciplinary or even criminal sanctions. To »

Sales: Five questions to make sure the price is right

30 October 2015 Kieron Johnson

Pricing strategies are ten a penny but, if you ask the right questions, the one you choose will be the answer to all your business goals. »

Five exit strategies explained: What’s the best way out?

19 October 2015 Kieron Johnson

Pick the right exit strategy and you could be knocking on the door to the big bucks before you know it. »

How to handle sales prospects not returning your calls (or emails)

05 October 2015 Kieron Johnson

Seven tips to help you deal with sales prospect rejections. »