Author: Amelia Henderson

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What is a Commercial Credit Score?

06 March 2018 Amelia Henderson

A commercial credit score, also known as business credit score, takes into consideration many factors that make up a company’s financial history. »

What is Counterparty Credit Risk?

28 February 2018 Amelia Henderson

Counterparty credit risk determines the likelihood of a counterparty failing to meet their financial obligations or repay their debt.. »

White Space Analysis with DueDil

21 December 2017 Amelia Henderson Best practices

White space analysis is the process of using company data and sales records to uncover new opportunities to target. »

Credit Management with DueDil

14 December 2017 Amelia Henderson Best practices , Api

Credit management is the process a business undertakes to manage payments coming into the business and to ensure that customer invoices are paid on time. »

What is Data Enrichment?

13 October 2017 Amelia Henderson Best practices

Data enrichment is a set of processes designed to refine and optimise information to increase its value. The aim is to get as much as possible out of the data whilst also making it easier to use and access, »