Delivering the future of banking with PwC: DueDil selected to provide high-veracity data, facilitate rapid onboarding and in-life monitoring

April 26, 2021
Delivering the future of banking with PwC: DueDil selected to provide high-veracity data, facilitate rapid onboarding and in-life monitoring

The Tysl platform, developed by PwC, has been three years in the making and is the first full-service banking platform to the market. 

Looking to continually extend its depth and functionality, It brings together ten of the UK’s leading fintechs to showcase how the future of banking depends on collaboration and innovation, with personalisation at the centre. 

Incorporating a broad range of solutions, Tysl’s ecosystem includes software, automation, AI, data management and analytics tools, working across personal, business and commercial banking. 

And we are excited to announce that we have been engaged to support the initiative and define next generation digital banking.

Ecosystems represent the greatest opportunity to the market

Our business is built on the pillars of collaboration and innovation. And with the recent launch of our partnership programme, being invited to contribute to the Tysl platform means a great deal and showcases how our API can be leveraged to great advantage.

To us at DueDil, we recognise bringing together best-in-class technologies into an integrated ecosystem represents a clear advantage to both customers and businesses alike. 

Based on the needs of tomorrow’s customers, PwC’s Tysl platform highlights how a connected banking experience through integrated technology makes managing finances more personal.

Fundamental to any ecosystem is the data upon which it operates. And DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ plugs in high veracity company insights via our API into KYB (Know your Business) and other decision making processes to help accelerate onboarding, simplify risk management and make in-life monitoring easier.

We exist to help businesses make the right decisions, serve their customers better and scale their business in a diligent way and we look forward to working with the Tysl programme to broaden our remit.

How DueDil will add value to the Tysl platform

We are API-first. This ensures simple collaboration with our clients and partners. It means our high veracity and unique company insights can be leveraged and integrated into any workflows and use cases where this kind of data is important.

Our API is extremely well documented and market-leading. You can be up and running in just days. Payment industry disruptor and DueDil client, Banked, was up and running in just a day and a half and is now able to verify new customers in seconds.

To us, KYB is not a one-time exercise but a lifetime obligation. It has never been more important to understand who you are doing business with, who the UBOs are, who the shareholders are and to spot discrepancies which could be warning signs of fraud. 

PwC and its Tysl platform can use DueDil’s technology to help clients perform due diligence thoroughly but efficiently, ensuring that experience for customers being onboarded is seamless and as simple as possible. 

Are you looking for a company insights or KYB partner?

Partnering is a key focus for DueDil. Our belief is that great partnerships help both parties thrive and we relish delivering slick and secure solutions for clients.

As outlined above, DueDil can help you:

  • Deliver automated onboarding & ongoing KYB checks - significantly reducing the costs of servicing to clients and near eliminating remediation
  • Build integrated ecosystems with seamless integration via our market-leading API
  • Deliver the perfect solution through an openness and willingness to collaborate with multiple providers to ensure the best solution is delivered.

Download our partnership pack: For all the information on how we work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, grab your copy of our partnership pack now.

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