How the DueDil API helps Atamis serve clients better and faster

March 31, 2020
How the DueDil API helps Atamis serve clients better and faster

Atamis is a leading provider of procurement management solutions for a reason. With a passion for excellent service, a drive for continual improvement and an ambition to make things easier, simpler and more useful for its clients, Atamis has enjoyed consistent success over its first 10 years in business. 

Atamis provides modular, customisable and full lifecycle procurement capabilities that enable its clients to analyse spend, plan procurement pipelines and source, contract with and manage suppliers. But Atamis isn’t just about giving a client the data it needs to save money or become more effective; what Atamis provides can transform people’s lives. For instance, using Atamis’ capabilities, the Welsh Government were able to create a manufacturing hub, creating hundreds of job opportunities in an area of high unemployment.

Building an accurate real-time view

Atamis needed insights on SMEs that were fast, accurate and high-quality, and turned to DueDil to provide this. Joe Eller, Operations Manager at Atamis says, “Using DueDil has been game changing. We’re especially impressed with how easy it is to use DueDil’s API. It’s allowed us to be very fast and very responsive. For instance, our data refresh service used to be clunky - a bulk manual update from various databases which customers didn’t consider ‘real time’. Now, with DueDil’s API, the refresh is done immediately at the click of a button.

DueDil’s technology allows Atamis to get a real-time view on over 2000 companies purely using the company registration number. They also use DueDil’s API to validate suppliers’ data before it’s presented to customers. 

Joe continues, “We need to be certain that we’re feeding our customers the correct information. Our credibility and reputation rest on it. And, because our system is the repository for all of our customers' contracts and procurement data, we have to make sure that the data is complete and accurate. Incorrect information could seriously hinder our clients and cost them a lot of money. The reliability and trustworthiness of what DueDil provides is key.

Reducing time to value with easy integration

Integrating DueDil’s API with Atamis’ in-house systems was much easier than with other APIs that Atamis has used in the past. Paula Morris, Marketing Manager, says, “The integration process was simple and DueDil’s API documentation is very comprehensive and user-friendly. Many of the other providers we considered just didn’t have documentation at all.”

The flexibility of the API has allowed Atamis to offer very specific, personalised options to its clients, who can interrogate the information themselves, without the need for an intermediary. This one-click self-search function gives Atamis’ clients a direct link to DueDil’s company information. Joe says, “One of the services that makes us different is that we can provide an automated research narrative on a particular supplier, which is very useful to our customers. DueDil’s capabilities allows us to offer this.” 

Moving faster with automation

For the Atamis team efficiency is key, with people working across a range of different tasks. DueDil’s easy-to-integrate API has allowed them to automate a variety of processes, helping the team make remarkable efficiency gains. With time spent on manual tasks slashed, Atamis staff are able to spend more time better serving their customers. It’s freed up the data research staff, too, who now have the time and headspace to focus on other areas of supplier research and other high-value strategic tasks. 

Paula says, “DueDil’s capabilities have reduced the burden of manual tasks for our team, enabling it to put its energy into the kind of tasks that really add value to our own processes, but also to what we can offer the client. It’s given us a huge competitive advantage.”

DueDil is delighted that its API is helping the Atamis team gain more time for higher quality activities, and provide its clients with a faster, more personalised service. 

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