DueDil and Smart announce new partnership as part of Smart's global strategy

April 30, 2020
DueDil and Smart announce new partnership as part of Smart's global strategy

We're please to announce a new partnership with Smart that will see our company insights power the onboarding experience for their globally expanded platform-as-a-service model. For more information see the press release below.

LONDON, April 30, 2020

Smart Pension (Smart), the leading auto-enrolment platform provider in the UK, has announced a new partnership with London-based FinTech DueDil, a company intelligence platform that provides unique insights on more than 50 million companies worldwide.

Today marks the beginning of a new partnership between the two FinTech companies that will see them extend their platform offering to other businesses, enabling Smart to deliver its market leading platform-as-a-service model.

As auto-enrolment is increasingly being adopted across the world and with growing responsibilities for employers, Smart are now extending their solution globally, empowering financial services companies worldwide to create their own customised pensions platforms.

DueDil is powering this transition by providing its unique company insights at the beginning of the customer journey for users of the platform to create a seamless onboarding experience.

Companies that adopt the platform will have direct access to DueDil’s company intelligence via the DueDil API, meaning Smart customers will be able to provide better online experiences for a growing number of SMEs required to auto enrol employees into a workplace pension scheme. The deal comes as Smart expands into new territories including UAE, Ireland and the United States.

Sam Barton, Chief Technology Officer at Smart, said:

“DueDil has been a key partner to Smart from the outset. The level of automation to improve customer engagement and provide a seamless digital experience made them a natural choice for us. Not only that, but the easy to integrate API enabled us to include their solution into our Smart pension platform quickly and seamlessly - a platform which has since become a genuine disruptor in the global pensions market.”

Justin Fitzpatrick, CEO & Co-Founder of DueDil, said:

“We’re really excited to expand our partnership with Smart to support the next phase of their growth. Smart will now be able to leverage the DueDil API to deliver seamless digital experiences for even more end users, and we look forward to supporting them as they take their offering to international markets.”

DueDil and Smart have worked together since 2015, when Smart became one of the first adopters of the DueDil API, utilising the technology to create a seamless digital  experience for their customers.  Speaking about how the API transformed their customer experience, Smart Pension Co-Founder and MD, Will Wynne, said:

“DueDil gives us the ability to impress our customers with a magic moment very early on in our relationship with them. No other tool or technology has impacted our interaction with our customers to the same extent.”

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