How Leyton supercharged sales with DueDil’s API

May 19, 2020
How Leyton supercharged sales with DueDil’s API

Leyton are the kind of service that innovative - and massively busy - SMEs pray to work with. Leyton is a specialist financial consultancy whose multidisciplinary teams around the globe identify client projects eligible for governmental or sectoral tax reliefs, and hand-hold them through the complexities of the reclaiming process.

Their clients are too busy creating cutting-edge software and coping with increasing headcount to spend time on any kind of claw-back activities, and many of them don’t have the expertise. But with Leyton’s services, they’ve unlocked capital, received welcome cash injections and reduced project costs.

Leyton’s no-recovery, no-fee business model is attractive to clients, but it means that it has to be very precise about the type of business to prospect. Without fast, accurate information, there was a danger that Leyton staff would waste most of their working day trying to identify the best prospects or approaching poor ones.  

Accelerating the sales-cycle with definitive company insights

Using DueDil has allowed Leyton to arm its sales team with the information it needs to find those prospects. Previously Leyton had used DueDil’s Web App to expedite manual research, before adopting the DueDil API to inject company insights directly into the team’s workflow.

Josh Perry, Head of the UK’s Sales Development Department said, “Before DueDil, finding accurate company information was almost impossible. We were looking for data like turnover, headcount, directors and location. And, because each person on our sales team specialised in particular verticals, we saw that, with accurate data, we could be far more targeted. DueDil’s platform gave us all that and more.”

Leyton’s overall goal for DueDil is to find quality prospects. DueDil’s rich and real-time intelligence allows the sales team to find the businesses with the most promising financials, business performance, pain points, cash flow and personnel. Leyton was able to optimise their entire sales and marketing strategy around what DueDil offers.

Charlie Dunn, Senior Manager in the Sales Development Department, says, “Each member of our London sales team now has a daily target of finding 10 fresh companies to prospect. Across a 17 people team, that’s 170 companies identified and added daily, which is 850 companies per week. If we get business from even just 5% of these companies, based on average revenue per contract, that’s over £500,000 generated in the pipeline per month. It’s a great opportunity and this would not be possible without DueDil. The team would have spent so much more time on searching and less on selling. Speed really is of the essence, and DueDil gives us that speed.”

Letting the sales team do what they do best

Leyton are passionate about employee engagement, and part of its engagement strategy is to make sure that their staff are enjoying their work. Josh heads up staff development and says, “Number one for us is our people. Our employees are looked after well, there is a career development, strong financial support and a positive environment. DueDil contributes to that positive environment.”

Charlie agrees. “Salespeople and administrative tasks just don’t mix: most people go into sales because they really are ‘people’ people. They like talking to and meeting with customers and they genuinely want to help businesses. Prospecting the traditional way is hard - and boring. DueDil’s functionality frees up our sales team to do what they like to do best, and they find that motivating.”

Integrating the DueDil API into Leyton’s Salesforce CRM has meant near-instant and super-targeted results for the sales team, which contributes to their productivity. Before DueDil, the team might spend half a day trawling through thousands of companies, with minimum yield.

DueDil’s insights and speed has empowered Leyton’s sales team to do what they enjoy best, and this has contributed to improved levels of staff engagement and motivation. Charlie continues, “What DueDil does for workplace happiness is immense because people want to see results quickly. And of course, salespeople who get to talk to people are happy salespeople. DueDil helps make that happen.”

Building a long-term partnership of success

Leyton has been impressed with the level and quality of DueDil’s support. “We’re especially impressed with Emma, our dedicated Customer Success Manager, who comes in-house to deliver training for the team on new updates or to make the most of what DueDil offers us.” says Charlie.

Although Leyton is a specialist, it plans to diversify its offerings within its niche, and also beyond geographical boundaries. DueDil is supporting Leyton’s growth ambition of becoming the UK's most reputable innovation funding specialist. Leyton’s financial services expansion into aviation, UCM tax relief, and creative & digital tax relief services is ongoing, which means that, as it focuses on different sectors, DueDil is there to quickly identify the best prospects.

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