How Pulsant quickly integrated the DueDil API to boost acquisition [video]

March 17, 2020
How Pulsant quickly integrated the DueDil API to boost acquisition [video]

Pulsant is a leading colocation and cloud infrastructure provider that works with businesses across the UK. Their goal is to support the long-term growth of their customers by working as an extension of their team, optimising the technology they use by implementing secure, innovative solutions.

Pulsant has been using DueDil’s Web App for a number of years, enriching their existing customer data with DueDil’s company intelligence. Their goal was to find the best way to build stronger relationships with customers and find prospects based on the profile of their existing customer base.

For example, they analysed where they have the most success within a particular region or industry, and then identified similar companies. Using DueDil’s financial insights, the sales team were able to establish the IT budgets of current and prospective customers and prioritise target accounts.

Supercharging growth with automated insights

Dan Higham, Sales Governance & Operations Director at Pulsant, saw even more potential in the relationship with DueDil. Specifically, how integrating DueDil’s API into Pulsant’s system could automatically inject insights directly into the workflow of the sales team.

One of the biggest challenges that Dan faced was making sure the sales team used all the tools provided to them. Previously he had been exporting data from the DueDil Web App via spreadsheets and then importing it into the CRM. However, this was often quite manual and didn’t guarantee the sales team would use the insights they had at their disposal. “Giving salespeople multiple tools to do their job, is often a challenge in terms of getting them to make use of it” said Dan.

By automating the use of DueDil insights, the team could save time which could be used in a more productive way, i.e. to actively prospect and to focus on closing new deals. “The idea behind using the API was to bring the relevant information directly to the sales team into Dynamics so they did not have to go looking” added Dan.

Reducing time to value with ‘no-code/low-code’ integration

Dan, however, has no experience with coding or development, not even as a hobby. This meant finding a way to integrate the API into their CRM - Microsoft Dynamics - without additional technical expertise. Getting this done quickly so that Pulsant could start seeing the benefits of using the data, was also a big factor.

Dan used Scribe, a service that allows integrators to build data integrations between any combination of cloud-based and on-premise applications. In a relatively short period of time, and with ongoing support from the DueDil team, the API was integrated into Dan’s CRM, with insights seamlessly flowing into Microsoft Dynamics.

Using Microsoft Flow, he was able to go a step further and build a “find a company” function in the CRM. This enabled the sales team to quickly identify specific companies at the click of a button, rather than having to trawl through a mountain of CSV files.

For a step-by-step run-through of how Dan integrated the API, check out our video - “How Pulsant integrated DueDil’s API without having to code a single line” - which is also embedded above.

Dan’s experience serves as a great example of how DueDil’s API can successfully be integrated into a CRM system by a non-developer. “It’s entirely achievable as long as the person working on this task has some understanding of the systems that you are working with work and how the data sits together” - he concluded.

Pulsant are now able to better target new customers, while also providing their sales team with insights directly into their workflow. Ultimately, this helps their goal of supporting long-term growth of companies across the UK.

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