Launching the DueDil Partnership Programme: Making real-time company due diligence easy

February 23, 2021
Launching the DueDil Partnership Programme: Making real-time company due diligence easy

As a global society we continue to navigate difficult times; economically, politically, socially and technically.

In our quest to understand these things, the world has become increasingly data-driven. In the business world, we know answers lurk in the metrics and that with the right data, in the right format, at the right time, amazing things happen. 

It’s one of our guiding principles at DueDil and the DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ has been designed to ingest billions of data points every day, which it processes and then returns accurate, contextualised and real-time information on millions of SMEs in the UK & Ireland. 

This business data is used by hundreds of our clients to make successful data driven decisions on millions of organisations. And, with the launch of our partnership programme, this data is readily available via the DueDil API, primed for third party solutions.

Leverage our company insights today

We have made it extremely easy for partners to ingest this best of breed, real-time company information into virtually any solution to extract immediate value

That may be plugging this rich data right into existing workflows, adding it to enhance a platform or process, and even using it to streamline, automate and enhance critical programmes. 

You can use our company insights however you want. That’s the beauty of our API-first approach. 

Typically, our data provides the information required when companies process ‘Know your business’ (KYB) checks - effectively identity and verification for companies - but it can be used however it makes sense to you and your business.

Now more than ever, this validated data is key in helping you decide, with high confidence, who you should be doing business with. 

For example, look at the huge volumes of fraud experienced in relation to the Government’s Coronavirus bounceback loans. Last month it was reported that high street banks are now clawing back these fraudulent claims, achieved through false and misleading data. 

This is where DueDil can and does help.

The DueDil partner proposition

Our API-first strategy enables our partners to plug solutions into our B.I.G.™ and build ecosystems and processes that enable automation and delight customers.

With over 400 clients, we realise partnerships are key to our growth and broader distribution. That is why we are launching our partnership programme to help more organisations build a more complete picture of the organisations they work with and manage KYB risk in real time.

We can help you and your clients with a number of key pain points:

  1. Transform customer onboarding - auto-populate web forms based on something as simple as a company ID number.
  1. Simplify risk selection - feed rich company insights directly into your risk management solution to shorten KYB checks to minutes rather than days allowing you to make better risk decisions from the off.
  1. Enable in-life monitoring - keep organisations informed on the SMEs they work with, their UBOs directors and more, in real time.

It is our belief, given the current climate, the DueDil solution has become a ‘must-have’ product to ensure real-time risk monitoring throughout the customer lifecycle.

We are ready to partner with you

Whether you’re an established platform solution, an independent software vendor, a consultant or systems integrator, we want to hear from you.

Let us show you how we can add value to your solutions portfolio and help your customers do even more amazing things. 

Please get in touch now to find out more.

Finally, please sign-up for our partner webinar, to hear about the value of partnerships to achieve company growth with partners Salesforce & Oxygen Finance on Wednesday 10th March at 10am

Author: Alan Walsh - Director of Partnerships, DueDil

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