Monitoring the economic impact of Covid-19 on London SMEs

September 15, 2020
Monitoring the economic impact of Covid-19 on London SMEs

The Covid-19 lockdown has had an unprecedented effect on companies across the UK. But, how can we accurately measure the economic impact on a local basis to fully understand the extent of the problem? That's the question The Greater London Authority sets out to answer in this new report - Economic Impact of COVID-19 on London’s Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The report aims to:

  • Illustrate the impact of the pandemic on London’s SMEs and local employment
  • Demonstrate the application of localised data to create a more complete, granular picture
  • Show the intersection of impact by sectors and geographies to demonstrate the risk hot spots across Greater London

The GLA used insights from DueDil's Business Information Graph™, along with data from other sources, to generate analysis on indicators of business risk across different areas of the capital. The report also has deep dives into the Night Time Economy, the effect on high streets by borough and the impact on London's Creative and Cultural industries.

You can download the report from the London Datastore website.

For more insights on the SME economy in the UK, check out DueDil's SME Economy Barometer, which charts key economic indicators to build a real-time view of the SME economy.

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